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Review: "Glory Days" by British Pop Music Group Little Mix

Updated on January 10, 2024
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Perrie Edwards

Little Mix member Perrie Edwards attends an event called the Capital Summertime Ball in London in the month of June 2014.
Little Mix member Perrie Edwards attends an event called the Capital Summertime Ball in London in the month of June 2014. | Source

Why does the Album Glory Days Deserve a Review?

The album called Glory Days by British pop music group Little Mix is a very good album about romance and love which provides the listener what promises to be a very enjoyable album. The album is more than just your standard pop music album as it shows that in this world we need to practice the emotion and feeling of love in a world that seems to be more unstable than ever. After groups such as The Spice Girls and The Saturdays, Little Mix should be the UK’s most successful chart topping group.

Track Listing for the album Glory Days

  1. Shout Out to My Ex
  2. Touch
  3. F.U.
  4. Oops
  5. You Gotta Not
  6. Down & Dirty
  7. Power
  8. Your Love
  9. Nobody Like You
  10. No More Sad Songs
  11. Private Show
  12. Nothing Else Matters
  13. Beep Beep (Deluxe edition)-This is a song about wanting to experience love as you are stuck in traffic.
  14. Freak
  15. Touch (Acoustic version)

The album Glory Days covers the themes of relationships and love as the first three songs show

The opening song called Shout Out to My Ex is a song about someone that is not deterred by their ex-lover even when that person directs so much hate towards them. In these cases, we have to be strong and just get rid of their pictures and anything that reminds us of this person. These strategies can also apply for how to deal with a toxic friendship. Don’t ever allow a toxic relationship to bring you down because you can be strong! The song sounds like an R & B type of tune. The song was also the album’s lead single. The next song Touch is a love song about being in a relationship where even just a touch of the strong feeling of love can be enough to sweep someone off their feet and into the other person’s arms. If you trust your partner, there should be little reason to keep certain things a secret. The song F.U. is a song about, well a relationship that went sour due to one person cheating on their partner.

The official music video for the song called Touch

Jade Thirlwall

Singer Jade Thirlwall is present at an event in which Little Mix launched the event to promote their makeup brand.
Singer Jade Thirlwall is present at an event in which Little Mix launched the event to promote their makeup brand. | Source

Glory Days also has a sort of 1960's feel to it with the song called Oops

The next song called Oops sounds like a song we would have heard in the 1960’s. The song is about someone that wants to end a relationship because she thinks that the two of them are better off being just friends. But she realizes that she needs him for something. She does not know what to do and she is really confused. But as I write this review, I get the sense that some relationships and even some friendships are more trouble than they are worth.


Down & Dirty and Nobody Like You are two good songs that are very different in style

Down & Dirty sounds a bit like a rap style song and it is about trying to have fun because one person feels like they only have one night to enjoy themselves. There is the incessant chant style singing of “get down & dirty, I know you heard me.” Nobody Like You is about someone that is alone because they feel there is no one out there in the world that is as good as them. The accompanying piano provides a nice, soothing contrast. The song Nobody Like You has that super passionate feeling that tells us that the person we love must stay with us. If that person does not stay with us, we will be devastated with the feeling of being alone.

"Down & Dirty"

How is the rest of the album Glory Days?

You Gotta Not is one of the album’s weaker songs about a person that is acting so irresponsibly and they just don’t want to grow up. And until this person grows up and becomes more responsible, getting a date will be a possibility. The old phrase that “girls like guys who have a life” makes very logical sense. Power is a song that starts with the sound of a motorcycle that zooms off into the distance. The song has some weird sounds in it. Who’s got the power in life to take control of things? Sometimes taking action towards a certain goal is the first step to possible success. Once again, this is one of the weaker songs on this album. The next song called Your Love is a love song that describes the immense and awesome power of true love as two people are so attracted to each other that one person wants to escape the drudgery of their stressful work life just to be around their lover. When you love someone so much, you’ll probably tell them “you’re the one I need” as the song says. The song Private Show is a song about starting the romance with your partner as taking it slow is not an option for some people. They feel like they have to express themselves as soon as possible.

Jessica Louise "Jesy Nelson"


Final Thoughts About the Album Glory Days

Overall, Glory Days is one of the best modern pop music albums in the world. For a group that has only been around since 2011, Little Mix has done an outstanding job with this album.

Final score for the album Glory Days: 90 out of 100 points A

The song called Your Love

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© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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