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Review: Revolution "No Quarter"

Updated on October 5, 2012

Eric Kripke and JJ Abrams are slowly bringing in people that they are familiar with to fill the cast out on this promising show. A new villain was introduced in this episode that will be a familiar face to many fans of Lost and Supernatural. Mark Pellegrino who played Lucifer in Supernatural and the man behind the curtain, Jacob, in Lost. Pellegrino plays the role of one of Monroe's highest lieutenants while also having plenty of juicy details on Miles Matheson. It was quite possibly the most entertaining episode of the young series as it had plenty of the incredible action sequences that we as viewers are growing accustomed to with some interesting plot developments. Also it is no horrible surprise that Kripke has stuck to naming his episodes after rock music yet again. In Supernatural he had a plenty of episodes named after Led Zeppelin songs and it looks like he is doing the same here. Who knows, maybe we will see Miles under the name of Joe Perry at some point to.

The episode begins pretty much right where the last episode ended with Miles once again pleading with Nora to ditch the Rebels as he feels they have no chance against the Militia. Nora continues to explain that the Rebels fight for something, which is much more important then anything else. Regardless of purpose, Miles continues to explain that the militia is cold and ruthless meaning that they will be fighting for a lost cause. Eventually they come across the rebel base which happens to be a restaurant, which Miles finds to be pathetic. Charlie feels obligated to help them for the time being when she sees how many of them are hurt while Miles just wants to leave as soon as possible. After hearing from the Rebel leader that they were attacked, Miles knows immediately that the Militia will be on their way soon and explains that they all need to leave. One of Monroe's lieutenants begins to fire on the Rebel base, but due to the sniper rifle that Nora retrieved the rebels are able to fight them off for some time. Eventually, the sniper runs out of bullets and the Militia charges the base but the lieutenant gets kidnapped by Miles who plans to trade his life for the rebels. However, the lieutenant explains that the rules of engagement have changed and more important that Miles Matheson himself is one of the very own founding fathers of the Monroe Militia.

It is revealed through flashbacks how the Monroe Militia was roughly formed at the time of the blackout when we were treated to seeing an angry Miles. Miles decided to hit the road to find his brother, and Sebastian took it upon himself to follow him seeing how crazy the world had just become. Miles felt that there was no one to help the innocent who were being bullied, killed and sometimes worse. On the road to finding his brother, Sebastian and Miles finds people who have been murdered in cold blood and eventually the two come across the murderers. Miles snaps on the two of them and explains to Sebastian that they need to do something about it and he can't just sit idly with his hands in his lap. When they came across the murderers they were beating up a man which turned out to be the lieutenant that had stormed the Rebel base in the present timeline, which also reveals that the three of them were the first members of the Militia.

While the reveal of Miles being the one that trained every Militia member is not exactly horribly surprising consider how well he seems to know them and his reluctance to fight against them, it is a step in the right direction. It makes Miles into a much more polarizing character but it is also fairly obvious that he will join the ranks of the Rebels to fight against the Militia at some point in this season. It is a welcome addition to see Pellegrino on this show, and I am also very happy to see he was not killed off as his addition can be a good one in the long run. His penchant for being a sarcastic and slightly sadistic character makes him into a very interesting character while also easy for the viewers to like him. Overall, it was a very interesting episode and with Aaron and Maggie coming across what the pendant does is a solid way to end the episode.


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    • Richard Perazzo profile image

      Richard Perazzo 5 years ago from Shirley, NY

      I think this show has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to see where they go with it. Great review!