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Review: Sacred Reich Surf Nicaragua EP Released in 1988

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Ara is currently an Accounting student at Glendale Community College in Glendale. CA. His main goal in life is the enjoyment of it.

Surf Nicaragua: the front cover

The cover for this short six song EP or album has a soldier ready to do battle while he is on a surfboard.
The cover for this short six song EP or album has a soldier ready to do battle while he is on a surfboard.

A Little Background Information About the Album

American thrash metal band Sacred Reich started their career by releasing a six song EP (extended play) CD called Surf Nicaragua. The album also has a cover of the famous Black Sabbath song called War Pigs. The EP is one that took me a long time to really get into but since I’m into it now, a review and commentary shall suffice. This musical work came out at a time when heavy metal was at the peak of its popularity. Some of you may find vocalist and bassist Phil Rind's vocals annoying because they may sound too loud but I think he does a respectable job.

Track Listing for the Surf Nicaragua EP

  1. Surf Nicaragua
  2. One Nation
  3. War Pigs (Black Sabbath song written in 1970)
  4. Draining You of Life
  5. Ignorance (LIVE version)
  6. Death Squads (LIVE version)

About Surf Nicaragua and the lyrical themes of the album

The EP cover has a bunch of skeletons on it with a soldier on a surfboard and he has a weapon in in his hand ready to go to war. The band has been very critical of US politicians and US foreign policy as soldiers are sent to faraway countries to die for reasons that are not good. The slower heavy song called One Nation is about making sure that our nation of black, white and all races can come together with the sole purpose of uniting the country. A peaceful nation is one that thrives on peace and one that is not primarily motivated by the need to build weapons of war and send their soldiers to die for nothing. We cannot just stand by and watch as the world deteriorates. The goal should be a united country that promotes the values of peace, love, and understanding.

Surf Nicaragua Songs 3-6 and Conclusion

There is a cover of the Black Sabbath song War Pigs. However, this one is slightly different from the original version because this version has the sound of a siren that goes off. The fast song Draining You of Life is about an evil force that is swooping down from the skies to attack its victims and drain them of life. The final two songs on the EP are live versions of the songs Ignorance and Death Squads. Ignorance is a song that describes what happens when a nation’s people ask fewer questions as the politicians do what they want and more nuclear weapons become built. People have the key to the future but only if they act responsibly. If we allow the proliferation of nuclear weapons, we are setting a dangerous precedent that will lead to disastrous consequences for the planet. However, Surf Nicaragua is the song that best describes what US foreign policy has been like pretty much since the 1980’s and even a little before. As a man turns 18, he puts some clothes on and joins the army only to be sent to a country far away from his home. He wonders what he is doing there as American intervention seems to grow by the day. He is forced to fight for the American Way and American exceptionalism as soldiers are sent to die for nothing. This is the way that it was in Vietnam as first the advisers were sent there. And then, the military buildup continued and those of us that have studied history know what happened to the US in the Vietnam conflict. Surf Nicaragua is a good EP from a band that only got better all the way through 1993 when they released their best album called Independent.

The Song Surf Nicaragua

The Song One Nation

The song called War Pigs as covered by Sacred Reich

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