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Review: Samurai Jack

Updated on January 24, 2016

Set in feudal Japan, the action/adventure t.v show: Samurai Jack takes the scene as we delve into the history of a Samurai called Jack. As a young boy, his homeland is destroyed by the powerful evil arch-enemy: Aku who then enslaves Jack's people. Jack is trained by various grand masters all over the world so that he could oppose Aku's tyranny. Jack becomes a warrior wielding an enchanted sword forged by his ancestors, the only weapon that can vanquish Aku. Jack defeats Aku in battle only to be transported through a time portal into the future where Aku rules the world. Jack must ultimately find a way to travel back in time and defeat Aku in order to save his people.

The Script

What i like about this show is that there is little dialogue. Mostly actions advance the plot. Jack's choice of words give the impression of a humble, honest, and noble man trying to overcome obstacles in traveling back to his past. When Jack reaches the future, he asks for help in humility. Although trained in martial arts, he admits his personal faults because he knows that not everything can be resolved through violence. Jack lets his actions do the talking with the determination to travel back in time. Jack however never lets this determination cause him to forsake those who help him. Jack is a feeling and compassionate human being who knows what it's like to have his home destroyed, thus he defends other civilizations at his expense. At times, he expresses his anger and frustration with his seemingly endless quest as he is diverted by the sly deceitful Aku who mockingly taunts him. His arch-nemesis Aku speaks with arrogance and with sinister motive to destroy Jack. He constantly sends his minions to eliminate Jack or resorts to more evil plots for the Samurai warrior.

Throughout each step of his journey, Jack learns various skills and develops his morality. Jack prepares to fight many different types of foes. Some also spark realization within him on who he is and what his purpose is. Jack learns the full extent of his abilities. The futuristic technological world shows the extent of Aku's corruption and vanity in a polluted environment. It also alternates to Jack's beautiful and glorious homeland. You can see the diversity of many alien civilizations from different vast terrains.

As the story progresses, Jack's patience and loyalty to his journey is tested. How devoted is he to fulfilling his ultimate goal? How much is he willing to sacrifice to travel back to the past? Is he even worthy of defeating Aku? The writer keeps the fight scenes balanced with puzzles Jack must solve and other obstacles. Many of the show's voice actors evoke emotions of fear, anger, exasperation, happiness, sadness, and so forth consistent with the show's drawing style. This creates a free flowing dialogue unique to the show's direction of events.

In Conclusion:

Samurai Jack is a T.V show for those looking for an epic journey full of action, emotion, and many other values. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking a series that will leave a long-lasting impact you'll never forget.


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