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Review: "Supernatural"

Updated on August 1, 2018

What if demons, vampires and werewolves are true? Is there someone who could protect the humans from these predators? In fact there is, not one but two and they are brothers. The Winchesters are out there hunting these creatures so that we can sleep in peace at night.

“Supernatural” is a CW series that aired for the first time back in the distant 2005 and is currently counting 13 seasons with the 14th pending. The show is all about the supernatural, as its name suggests. Anything from your regular monsters like the vampires and the werewolves, to most extreme monsters such biblical figures and ancient gods.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester are in the business of hunting monsters since they were kids, all because of their father who also was a hunter. Dean always true to his family calling of hunting never gave up, Sam on the other hand, wanting out of the life of a hunter, attended college were we thought he found a good life. All that until their father went missing and Dean came to ask for Sam’s help finding him.

Every season a new arch enemy appears trying to destroy the brothers, or destroy the world most of the time, but every season despite the difficulties the Winchesters manage to defeat the monster and save the world. But they are not alone in the fight against evil, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) a hunter himself and a friend of their fathers is always there helping them with the knowledge he acquired through the years.

Sam and Dean have more than just allies, they have an angel on their shoulder helping them in their struggles Castiel (Misha Collins), a fallen angel, is always there to assist them on their quests. Throughout the years, no matter how strong the enemy was, the power of the two brothers combined is always stronger, so strong that could even defeat death (literally). Such is their reputation that every monster out there wants to kill them, to have the honor to be the one that killed a Winchester.

Many have tried to kill them, from the king of the vampires to the devil himself, but they all have failed. It isn’t rare for the brothers to commit to unholy alliances in order to save the world. One such alliance is with Crowley (Mark Sheppard), a crossroads demon. It’s a risky alliance and it’s not always clear who uses who to their own ends.

“Supernatural” is a C class series, but a quite enjoyable one. It gets tiring sometimes, making you wonder why you still watch it, (I’ve so many seasons that I just can’t stop watching it). Some seasons are more interesting than others and the concept is almost the same in every season. A new enemy appears that seems to be invincible, the brothers try their best to defeat him. Everything seems lost, until a deus ex machina (quite literally sometimes) appears to help them defeat the evil.

The opening and closing scenes of each seasons are the ones most worth watching. With the “Carry on Wayword Son” from Kansas playing in the background the scenes show what happened previously are really epic. What is also remarkable is the many different locations the series is shooting at. The brothers are supposedly roaming the United States, going wherever there is trouble. The location are picturesque and makes the series easy on the eye.

Undoubtedly “Supernatural” is worth watching, even on the not so good seasons. You can have a great time watching the show, there is always a pinch of humor on the episodes, it’s an easy to watch and relaxing series, right when you need to take a breather after a long day.

If someone was to ask the Winchesters what is it that they do they would answer “saving people. Hunting things, the family business”. Now that you know you can sleep relaxed at night, knowing they are out there saving the world.

© 2018 Peter Dale


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    • NessMovieReviews profile image

      Mother of Movies and Series Reviews 

      8 months ago from Moreton Bay, Queensland

      Great review!


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