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Review: Supernatural "Meet the New Boss"

Updated on September 28, 2011

Season six ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. Not only was Sam's situation not resolved but Castiel now was walking around essentially as the new God. Castiel told the Winchesters to bow before him, and if they didn't and anyone were to oppose him that he would eradicate them just as he did to Raphael. Season Seven thankfully took place right where it left off from season six. Bobby immediately bowed before Castiel, but Castiel knew the Winchesters would only bow before him knowing he would kill them if they didn't. Castiel told them that he hoped this would be the last time they were to see each other, as he knew it was likely if they were to meet again, he wouldn't be as merciful. Once Castiel was out of the picture, the focus went to how stable Sam was now that the wall in his head was broken. He now remembered everything from hell. At first glance Sam seems alright, but as the show progressed we found out otherwise.

Castiel spends the first half of the episode being what he believes God should be. He decides to right all the wrongs in the world. He goes to Heaven and lays to waste on all the Angels that were following Raphael. There is a funny scene where he walks into a church with and talks to a priest that has no right preaching to anyone. It's a bit jarring to see Castiel change so drastically considering how he did wonder if he was going on the right path towards the end of season six, but it is a welcome sign how the show is moving already at a much quicker pace.

Dean's story arc for this episode was more of the same in ways, but it was surprising to see him acknowledge that they have the worst of luck and that the hits always keep coming. He decides to work on his car as Castiel is walking around Earth assuming the role of God, and Sam is at least on the surface doing fine. He rationalizes it as the only thing that he can do, seeing how there is no book that will tell you how to defeat a God. Meanwhile, Sam isn't as fine as he says he is. Frequently when he is alone in a room he has hallucinations, many of them are similar to what you would see in the old Hellraiser films.

Misha Collins as Castiel and Julian Richings as Death
Misha Collins as Castiel and Julian Richings as Death

Dean eventually comes up with a plan after having a talk with Sam in which he decides to summon Death. Dean recalled a conversation he had with Death where he was told that Death would one day have to reap God. He was hoping in this case, God was Castiel. The Winchesters and Bobby begin to summon Death, but not only summon him, they also plan to bind him. If they bind him, they basically turn Death into their own pet. Castiel swoops in on the plan only to see Death, and breaks the bind after an incredible scene between Castiel,Death and Dean. Death explains to Castiel that he doesn't have full control and is a ticking time bomb because he absorbed the Leviathan. The Leviathan is something God created before angels, demons and humans that roamed the Earth. The creature was so powerful that God banished it to Purgatory to rot eternity. The scene benefited from terrific writing and dialogue, all with the usual Supernatural kind of humor. The other surprise in this scene is how beaten down Castiel seems. Castiel's face is burnt up as the souls inside of him are beginning to be to much for him to handle. After unbinding Death, Castiel turns his attention to Dean. The scene immediately gets much more intense and the credit should go to the portrayals of the characters, mostly Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins for that matter. Right as Castiel is about to possibly smite Dean, Castiel disappears.

Death tells Sam and Dean that he will help them just because he doesn't like how arrogant Castiel has become. By helping them he decides to give them another eclipse so that they can perform a spell that will take all of the souls out of Castiel and put them back in Purgatory. Well, if this was a season finale, then just maybe that would go smoothly. We see Castiel disappeared to a office where a presidential candidate was having her campaign. Castiel goes off explaining how he is a just God and blacks out, when he wakes up everyone in the office is dead and their blood is on his hands. He comes to the realization here that what he has done is to much for him and that the souls he absorbed need to be sent back to Purgatory. He meets back up with the Winchesters and Bobby to perform the spell. Sam goes to get a jar that Bobby needs to complete the spell and when he leaves Castiel turns to Dean to ask for forgiveness and to clear his own consciousness. It's a sad scene knowing full well that this is likely the last time we will see the very likable character but it never gets sappy, it also helps that neither Dean or Castiel feel anything after Castiel apologizes.

Guess who's back
Guess who's back

When Sam went to get the jar that Bobby needed to complete the spell, he was met with one more hallucination. This one was much more frightening then any other as he was confronted by Lucifer. Sam knew it was simply a hallucination and kept saying that what stood before him wasn't real, until Lucifer told him that it is all a part of his torture for Sam. Lucifer explains that he allowed Sam to believe he was out of the cage, but really he isn't. One of the more interesting aspects of the scene is how Lucifer is presented. He is dressed similarly to the way Dean does, and his hair is cut the same way leading Sam to question himself even more. This aspect I'm sure will be explored even further in the following episode. Dean realizes that Sam has been taking a long time and goes to check on his little brother. He sees the jar placed on the ground, but Sam is nowhere to be found. Dean goes back to complete the spell, the more pressing matter. Which is nice to see from Dean, as his character has evolved past "I have to worry about Sam 100% of the time like he is a twelve year old still."

Dean and Bobby complete the spell and it seems to have worked but Castiel is weak. Bobby and Dean pick him up and decide to carry him out up until Castiel pushes them away explaining that not all of the souls were sent back. He explains that the Leviathan has stayed inside of him, he tries to fight it back long enough for Dean and Bobby to get away but it is to late. Again, Misha Collins deserves credit for his performance of being able to go from character to character here. He went from at first an all-powerful, all confident God, to a battered down angel then to a anarchist demon, and he managed to make them all believable. The Leviathan took over Castiel's body explaining that Castiel is "He's gone, he's dead." The episode ends with Castiel turning his head to the side as his veins go black saying "This is going to be so much fun."

In terms of a season premiere, this ranks up there as one of the best the show as had. It moved very quickly and benefited from great acting and great dialogue. It manages also to set up the season very well, albeit a darker season than last and from the looks of it a better season.

The Leviathan


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    • Nickalooch profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Columbia, MD

      i highly recommend it to anyone. seasons 4 and 5 was quite possibly the best two seasons of any show i've ever seen.

    • Daffy Duck profile image

      Daffy Duck 

      8 years ago from Cornelius, Oregon

      I have never watched this show until I saw the season premeir a week ago. I wish I would have caught the sdhow from the beginning. The first 2 episodes in this season were pretty good.


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