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Review for the 09/06/12 TNA Impact

Updated on September 7, 2012

TNA Impact

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy | Source


Good show. Too much talk, not enough wrestling, but good drama. The BFG drama was good. The Aces and 8s story-line is interesting. The tag team story was a little dull. Jeff Hardy beat Samoa Joe in a BFG match. Bubba Ray beat RVD in BFG match. Tara beat Gail Kim.

The few actual matches were good, if brief. Only the tag team championship main event was long, and was also the best match of the show. It had Daniels/Kaz vs Hernades/Chavo. Action-filled, with one great maneuver after another by all four men. Daniels hit Hernandes with a belt, leading to him and Kazarian winning. Hulk Hogan then announced a Daniels/Kaz vs Styles/Angle match at No Surrender. RVD vs Magnus also announced for No Surrender. James Storm chose Bubba Ray to be his opponent at No Surrender for the finals of the BFG "tournament".

Austin Ares tortured one of the Aces who had been caught by Hogan earlier throughout the show. Ares wanted info about the new clandestine group. After receiving a call from the Aces, Ares agreed to trade the captured Ace for the chance to fight one of the other ones. Right as the captured Ace was about to spill, another Ace showed up and clubbed him. Then Ares and the new Ace fought until the show ended,

Al Snow confronted Joey Ryan, and they agreed to a match against each other.

Wrestling: 6 Acting: 8 Overall: 8

Story: 8 Speeches: 8

Importance: 9 Dialog: 7


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