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Review of Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

Updated on June 2, 2017
Album Cover
Album Cover | Source

Let's Get to the Goods, Musical Goods.

Halsey's new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, was released on June 2nd, 2017. The album has 16 songs, all very unique and important to the story of the album.

The album starts off with a song called The Prologue. This song is awesome because it adds to the feel of being a story. It also gives us a clue on what it's all about.

The second song, 100 Letters is about 3 and a half minutes long. It is about when the Romeo character used to be lonely and in love with his Juliet. Juliet is telling the story of how she used to not care for him, but one day she comes across 100 letters that Romeo wrote her, and she feels guilty for not treating him the way she should have. It adds to the detail of the story.

Next comes the song Eyes Closed. This song was released before the album, but it has such a cool beat. This song is about how Juliet thinks of Romeo when she is with someone else, and how she misses him. She would do anything for him to be there. This is such a good song, and tells us that she moved on, but she still misses Romeo, or possibly someone else.

Fourth on the album is a song called Heaven in Hiding. This song starts off with one beat, but quickly changes, and that is what I love about it. This song is about one of the characters and how good they are with romantics. This gives a new feel to the album, and I like that a lot.

Next is a song called Alone. Despite the name, it starts with a good-feeling beat. it talks about being alone, besides all the people she's around constantly. It continues in the chorus with mention of meeting a character, but even though they are desperate to meet, they will regret it. In this song, Halsey brings out a new feel with this song. It is about being desperate and loneliness, but has upbeat music.

Continuing to the song that caught attention and brought it to the album, Now or Never is one of my favorites. Halsey's voice in this is beautiful, just like in every other song she sings. This song is about the star crossed lovers getting to their relationship, or giving up on it. Although it is hard to get through, they love each other.

Sorry is the next song on this album, and it is my personal favorite. While listening to the album for the first time, this was the first one I wanted to put on repeat and learn all the lyrics before all of the others. It's very musical and slow, giving off a sad feel for the first true time on the album. It adds to the meaning of Now or Never, talking about the aftermath of the events. The character in this chapter, if you will, expresses their feelings of never truly being loved, but thinking they were. They continue to apologize for not being able to love.

The album continues with a song similar to the structure of The Prologue, a song called Good Mourning. This starts with a voice of a boy possibly reading a suicide letter, a poem, a note, talking of a Utopia they are searching to find. The beat of this song continues into...

The next song, just like these paragraphs. Within Lie, a character calls out their lover for lying about loving them. This song gives the story a little more angst.

Walls Could Talk is the next song, and tells the story of all the things they've experienced in one place. The song expresses that things are crazy between the characters.

With the next song, Bad at Love, comes a story about the boy in this story. The girl also expresses that she is not good at love. This is one of my favorites as well, because Halsey brings out a new side a little with what she can do with her voice. It's not a dramatic change, but it does add uniqueness to the song.

The 12th song is called Don't Play. This song has steel barrel drums, which gives the song a really cool feel. It also has a Britney Spears Toxic-like synth appearing every now and then. It is all about not playing with the character's heart and emotions.

Next is another song that was released early, Strangers. Many people claim this song to be the best song Halsey has ever made. It has a refreshing beat, but talks about the characters' relationship, and where it is at now. They are more close, but also feel like strangers with the same needs of romantics.

Coming close to the end, the third to last song on this beautiful album is called Angel Only. This song is about the morning after a party. This song expresses change within the character, and how they used to be well-known and amazing, but now goes unnoticed.

Opposite from an angel, Devil in Me is about the character's alternate side. This side comes out in times of passionate events. Because of this other side, their partner doesn't like it, and this causes the character to hate this side and not wanting to 'wake it up', but in turn misses it and wants to wake it up.

As the 16th and final song, Hopeless is a summary of the entire story. This song has a lot of cool editing to it. It talks about the ending of the story, too. The character is speaking their thoughts about how things ended, and how they act towards each other.

If you give this album a listen, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy music, especially Halsey's. To me, this album is unique in it's own way. Even though it is very similar to Ed Sheeran or Rihanna or Beyoncé or anyone else you see a similarity to, this album is a piece of art and a story more than anything. Through music, Halsey tells stories about things that may be real, but may be not. She is letting her imagination, talents, and creativity run wild.

I hope you enjoyed this review and possibly has helped you. Spread happiness :)


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