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Review of the Album "Disco Destroyer" by German Thrash Metal Band Tankard

Updated on September 17, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


Some Beginning Thoughts About the Album "Disco Destroyer"

"Disco Destroyer" is the 1998 studio album by German thrash metal legends and Tankard and these guys are ready for world domination musically with this release! This is a funny, humorous attempt to describe a band that has brought the heavy metal genre much humor, excitement, partying, and high quality thrash metal. Death by Whips is a song that has a shouting kind of chorus similar to Holy Moses’ song Def Con 2. There is a reference to Metal Militia which is the title of a Metallica song. There’s a good chance that these guys either influenced Metallica or they were themselves influenced by them. The album’s cover has one of those big ceiling lights that you see when you walk into a big disco or nightclub and the hammer is hitting that light. So this album Disco Destroyer is now over 20 years old but I just started listening to it about a few weeks ago.

Two Reasons to Give Disco Destroyer a Chance Are Because of the Songs Serial Killer and Hard Rock Dinosaur

The first song called Serial Killer is self-explanatory in terms of the lyrics and this album starts out in usual Tankard fashion using the speed and shouting style choruses. These guys have not lost their touch. Tankard switched labels from being signed under Noise Records and they are signed under Century Media Records for this one. They still continue to have fun in their own way as is expressed in the song called Hard Rock Dinosaur. We have to go to where the action and the fun is to have the greatest time.

"Hard Rock Dinosaur"

What are the Best Songs in the Album "Disco Destroyer?"

1. Queen of Hearts

2. Mr. Superlover

3. Serial Killer

4. Another Perfect Day

5. Tankard Roach Motel

6. Death by Whips

"Mr. Superlover"

The Songs Queen of Hearts, U-R-B-, and Mr. Superlover

Queen of Hearts is a song about someone that has found the love of his life as he has 1,000 photos on his wall ready to go and get her so that he can pursue a relationship with her. Royalty, millionaires, and journalists don’t matter to this man because he is in love with his Queen, his main love interest. U-R-B is a song that is a humorous way of looking at a very grim subject. The lyrics are self-explanatory and this may be one weakness for the album Disco Destroyer. Even though it is not their best album, it is still enjoyable enough for Tankard and non-Tankard fans to enjoy. Mr. Superlover is a song that is about the fact that some men expect women to be subservient to them, yet some of them are willing to die for their lover because they would do everything for her. The song should be among Tankard’s 20 best songs that they have written. However the song also points out that there are men in this world that will threaten to use force or physical violence if they don’t get their way. The song is also addressing how much of a bad effect alcohol can be for a relationship as the other person seeks an escape from his day to day problems.

"Tankard Roach Motel"

Disco Destroyer Songs 7 Through 11 and Conclusion

Tankard Roach Motel is a song about a motel that is nothing but a place with dirt, rubble, and trash all around as one of its clients is a person that loves to drink. Another Perfect Day is a song that in contrast to its title, tells the story of a man that had everything go totally wrong for him. He is being chased by the police on the freeway. He returns home to find a note in which his lover says she has left him for another man. He becomes very angry with her as he attempts to move on with his life. The next song called Away is a song about someone that has been betrayed and lied to by the person that he had so much trust in. He knows he has to get away from this relationship before it drags him down into a place he would rather not be in. Splendid Boyz is a song that actually encourages young people to take chances while they are still young to go after the money and to not hesitate having fun that way. Disco Destroyer ends an otherwise good album but it is not Tankard’s worst album by any means.

The song Disco Destroyer is the shortest song in terms of length that I’ve heard from Tankard and this song tries to point out that Tankard is here to dominate even discos around the world from Frisco to Frankfurt.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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