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Review of the Album Instruction for Destruction by Swiss Thrash Metal Band Comaniac

Updated on April 3, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

How Does the Album Instruction for Destruction Begin?

As was mentioned earlier, there would be a review of the album Instruction for Destruction, the second album by Swiss thrash metal guys Comaniac and if their debut was creative and technical, how is this one? The first song called Coal is once again very creative and these guys are still somewhat new to the scene of thrash metal in spite of the fact that they were formed in 2010. Stylistically, there is another occurrence that we hear a distinct Kreator influence combined with a power metal feel similar to Angra. The song lyrically tries to paint the picture that a person has lost all they had and they return to coal or to a state of desolation. There is no retreat from thrash metal for these Swiss guys.

This album Instruction for Destruction delivers high quality thrash metal and as this sign says, the results are there!
This album Instruction for Destruction delivers high quality thrash metal and as this sign says, the results are there!


Stay Tuned for a Brilliant Work of Thrash Metal

Early on it will be evident that Instruction for Destruction is much better than the band's debut Return to the Wasteland. The best songs in Instruction for Destruction are the first five songs and the short instrumental song called Shattered.

Review of the Songs Suborned and Bow Low

Suborned is another very melodic song that has touches of Blind Guardian in it as well. Bow Low is a very melodic song that really criticizes the existence of GOD. There are those that could try to debate the lack of existence of a god and there are those that try to emphatically believe that HE does exist. Guarding Ruins is a song that gets even more melodic and lyrically the song is about a negative, toxic person that may be described as a energy vampire. These people are also those that have the potential to cause us anxiety.

Comaniac Is a Band That Boosts Thrash Metal in Switzerland

The vocals may be more melodic than the debut and there are still those shouts that we heard on the debut. If Greece is indeed becoming the new Bay Area of thrash metal, listening to Comaniac gives me optimism that Switzerland is a nation that can grow their thrash metal scene with time, effort, and working to boost their creative skills.

Analysis of the Songs How to End It All & Shattered

Certainly, Comaniac is showing their melodic prowess as I notice a common theme throughout the first five songs and these are melodic vocals and melodic guitar parts and the song “How to End It All” has influences of early Dark Tranquillity and that's a great band to be influenced by! Brilliant song construction is how to describe this album at least through the first half of it. Again with a lot of these album titles, they should not be taken literally as they are just titles and some of them may have special meanings behind them as in the case of Metallica's Death Magnetic. Shattered is a short but wonderful instrumental song that is a good treat for the eardrums after 6 songs in a row of intense thrash metal sound. Our ears need a break every once in a while right? Speaking of Metallica it is hard these days for me to get into their music throughout the first three albums because of the loss of Cliff Burton.

"Bow Low"

Final Thoughts About the Album Instruction for Destruction

I digress however, thrash metal has seen a wonderful evolution and it has become much more melodic compared to the older days. This album is a result of thrash metal that is not only melodic but of very high quality so the results are here! In a short 7 years, Comaniac have been transformed. This album is better than their debut and that's a great thing going forward!

Just as important is how you put out the finished product especially in the metal genre. There are things that some fans will nitpick over because that’s just human nature but Instruction for Destruction is off to a solid start. Looking at a parallel similar to this may be how the album Enemy of God by Kreator begins but with Comaniac’s 2nd album, they decided to start off with an acoustic part and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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