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Review of the Album "Unsung Heroes" by Finnish Folk Metal Band Ensiferum

Updated on January 21, 2018

The Album Cover for Unsung Heroes

A brave warrior is on the cover of this album as he has finally conquered his foes and become the most successful person of his country or kingdom. He has two fingers pointing up showing that he is very happy with his performance.
A brave warrior is on the cover of this album as he has finally conquered his foes and become the most successful person of his country or kingdom. He has two fingers pointing up showing that he is very happy with his performance. | Source

Unsung Heroes Is a Heroic Effort by this Finnish Band

Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum not only made the country of Finland better by entering the heavy metal scene back in 1995 but they have popularized the sub-genre of folk metal as well. Their 2012 album called "Unsung Heroes" is truly a heroic effort! What is different about this album compared to their past albums?

The Instrumental Song Symbols Sounds Like a Great Movie Soundtrack Song

First of all, the first instrumental song in this album called Symbols is shorter than the length of their typical instrumental songs. However, that’s not the main reason that the album is memorable. One of the reasons why Symbols is a very good opening song is because of the symphonic nature of the song. The song sounds like a song from a very good movie soundtrack. Ensiferum has grown very much as a band from their early days when Jari Maenpaa was with the band.

The Song Symbols

Songs 2 and 3 Really Show the Greatness of Ensiferum Even in 2012

The next song features some good clean vocals and it is called In My Sword I Trust. This song is about using bravery, courage, and skill to achieve victory at whatever the cost is. Unsung Heroes is the next song in this album and it builds upon the theme of the previous song. Sometimes there is a tendency to forget about the people that have sacrificed their lives to make the world a better place to live in. An unsung hero is someone that has done so well and made so many important moves and these moves have led to success and victory especially in the world of sports. There has to be some commentary about the album’s cover. By this point in the band’s career, the album cover symbolizes that the band has achieved enough success to be considered one of the elite heavy metal bands in Finland if not the entire world.

What Does the Album's Cover Symbolize?

The cover depicts a brave, honorable warrior holding a harp in his hand and the two swords are pointed into the soil to symbolize that he has banished the demons of his rough past and he has come out as the bravest warrior of all as the night sky is in the background. The shield is on the ground. A shield is not only used for defensive purposes but it is used to symbolize bravery and courage. He will live on to tell of the successful battles that he waged as he gave up his time and energy to be the bravest warrior in the world or the story shall we say.

Why Should We Review the Album?

Unsung Heroes is also an album that I had been planning on reviewing because I just knew there had to be another article about one of the best bands in all of Finland! Petri Lindroos has contributed maybe better vocals for this band than Jari Maenpaa did. But I will give credit to Jari for his vocals on the song Iron and the cover of Metallica’s song called Battery.

Why Is the Song Celestial Bond an Example of Growth and Maturity for this Band?

The song Celestial Bond represents a new chapter in the band Ensiferum’s career as they have ballad style song with female vocals. This experiment works as the vocals are very soothing. When we have been hurt physically or emotionally, it will take time to heal our wounded hearts and deliver our biggest goals and dreams.

Ranking of the Ensiferum Albums From the Best to Worst Even Though All of Them are at Least Good

Victory Songs
Unsung Heroes
From Afar

Final Thoughts about the Album Unsung Heroes

Star Queen is essentially the second part of Celestial Bond and this one has mostly clean male vocals. It is a good mid-tempo folk metal song. It takes a long time for us to meet or “Queen of Stars” or more appropriately, the love of our life. We know that this is one of the signs of our dreams being fulfilled. The Japanese version of this album has the cover versions of Iron Maiden’s Wrathchild and the very famous song by the Gipsy Kings called Bambaleo. The famous acoustic guitar sound starts before the song gets heavy. The growling is very similar to the French death metal band Agressor. Overall, Unsung Heroes is another solid album by Ensiferum but it still is not quite as good as 2007’s Victory Songs.

The Song Called In My Sword I Trust

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