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Review of the Episode Called "Weather in Tibet" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Updated on December 30, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Tibet is the setting for the majority of the episode "Weather in Tibet."
Tibet is the setting for the majority of the episode "Weather in Tibet." | Source

What is the Episode "Weather in Tibet" About and Why is it Important?

Weather in Tibet is the 56th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget and it is the one that is before the one called Unhenged. The Internet Movie Database gives Weather in Tibet a 6.9 rating out of 10 points which is a below average score. But is this episode deserving of that kind of a score? One thing about the episode is that the topic is about global warming because in the episode, due to a weather machine that the main villain Dr. Claw is using, the organization known as M.A.D. is able to control the Earth's weather patterns in such a way that on top of the mountains in the area known as Tibet, the weather has suddenly gotten very hot in an area where there should be snow.The episode is significant because the Earth is dealing with the issue of global warming in 2023 but would people around the world have been aware of this problem back in 1983? One thing is for sure that Inspector Gadget was a cartoon that was well ahead of its time. Weather in Tibet actually is not one of the first season's best episodes but it is a decent one. I would probably give the episode a 7 out of 10 points.

Interesting Points About the Episode "Weather in Tibet"

Weather in Tibet transfers to the same theme song called "Sophisticated Gadget," a song that would be used in the beginning of the next episode Unhenged. But first, the episode begins when there is a weather station. Professor Module is shocked to see trees in a place where there should be snow. He uses a communicator to inform the world that the best inspector is needed for this next mission.

A Brief Comment About the Safety Tip at the end of Episode #56

At the end of this episode though, information about the proper footwear is given. That's a great way to end episodes. Proper footwear is always necessary when you go on a long hike.

"Weather in Tibet" Synopsis Continued

In this episode, Dr. Claw asks his agent Chameleon to try and stop Inspector Gadget before he discovers the secret powers of the weather machine. That machine is so powerful because it uses crystals and it has the ability to change and control the Earth's weather patterns. However, because of help from his dog Brain, Inspector Gadget is saved twice from getting hurt. However, Chameleon tricks Gadget by handing him a piece of paper that has a mantra which means that there are plans to take over the temple. Upon reciting the password, Gadget is arrested and tied up to be offered as a sacrifice. A huge monster bigger than a gorilla shows up but Gadget takes out a bouquet of flowers and hands them to the big monster. The monster cannot believe that anyone can be so nice to him. He immediately frees Gadget. Inspector Gadget then asks him where the top of the mountain is. Upon his arrival at the top of the mountain, Gadget is captured and thrown into a small hole. With the spiked walls closing in on him, Gadget thinks that this is a hotel room!

However Penny is Captured in This Episode Along With Tabu

Penny meets, Tabu, a professional thief by accident when she bumps into him. Penny and Tabu become friends and they take a long, dangerous journey all the way up to the top of the mountain. They are both captured by the guards and thrown into prison. With the magnetic powers of her watch, Penny is able to pull the keys toward her so that she can unlock the door.

One Funny Aspect About the Episode "Weather in Tibet"

Let’s however backtrack to the very beginning of this episode because you will find it rather comical and or funny. Penny says that she is hungry. Just as her uncle is about to feed her, his Top Secret Gadget phone rings and this time, Inspector Gadget’s boss Chief Qumby is hiding in the Gadget family’s oven! How funny is that? Very funny!

"Weather In Tibet" Full Episode

There Is a Funny Comment at the End of This Episode "Weather in Tibet" by Inspector Gadget

Penny knows that the only way to stop Dr. Claw from world domination with his weather machine, she has to jam the machine. Tabu distracts the people working in the building so that Penny can then do her work. She uses a piece of ice to jam the machine. Once the machine is destroyed, the weather on top of that mountain returns to normal again. The snow begins to fall and Inspector Gadget still talks about the hotel rooms being too small!

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