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Review of the Album "World Chaos" 1990 by German Thrash Metal Band Holy Moses

Updated on December 23, 2017

Diabolic Plot is the Most Memorable Song in the Album

"World Chaos" is a memorable studio album in the life of this writer because of the catchy song called Diabolic Plot. The song starts with some very good bass guitar play before the main riff comes in.

World Chaos is a Memorable Thrash Metal Album Also Because of that Song

But why is the album World Chaos memorable other than this song? Another reason that it is memorable is because of the title track.

There is an excellent interlude before the guitar solo in Diabolic Plot. The manner in which the album begins could accurately describe what is happening in the world today. World Chaos is a song about rejecting whatever we hear from the mainstream media because the media in many countries pushes the concept of fear in order to scare the population into thinking that the world is in a chaotic mess. It is too late to change the past as the song says but we all must survive our fear by not believing what we see, hear, or feel. How did the band understand the flaws of the mainstream media back in 1990? They were most likely very socially and politically aware. This is yet another example of a German heavy metal band providing good thrash metal and lyrics that actually force the listener to dig deep and find out what the messages in these songs actually are. This happened back in 1990 at a time when heavy metal was part of the mainstream. Germany even now has quality thrash metal bands that far exceed the greatness of any thrash metal that the United States could provide.

Other Good Songs Include Blood Sucker

The song Blood Sucker is a very good description of a person that thrives on taking advantage of others for his or her own personal gain. These kinds of people are unable to see that a life led with hate is simply wrong. These kinds of people may feel like they are a king but they have simply lost their minds and the chance to recover from this situation looks more and more bleak. Sabina Classen really has the great vocals even in 1990!

Why is the Song Education Important?

The song Education is a song about the flaws that can occur in a country’s education system depending upon the country. It can sometimes produce lots of losers and people end up getting stuck in jobs which they hate. However, people must do what they can to survive in this world. The band just wants to bring awareness to the flaws that can sometimes exist in public education. Getting a fair and balanced education that focuses on really spending the money to help students is the key to a great education system.

The Song Called World Chaos

World Chaos Songs 5 Through 11

The song Guns n' Moses sounds like an early Judas Priest kind of song but with just a touch more melody to it. Summer Kills is a song that starts out with some drumming and the song speeds up as the song explains that just as winter is a season it gives way to summer. The summer heat can sometimes cut through a person’s skin as the global temperatures rise putting the Earth’s population at risk. Continuing on the subject of social issues, the song called Permission to Fire is a song about what happens in a society or country that allows its citizens to have access to firearms. The song Jungle of Lies definitely has that late 1980’s heavy metal sound even though World Chaos was released in 1990, a year where there were several notable albums released that year. Sometimes we feel as if we are trapped in a situation where we hear lies all around us and we become confused as to what is really going on in the world. The song Dog Eat Dog describes a society where corporations are only focused on bringing in the profits as opposing views are regarded as insignificant. Meanwhile, too many children in the world are dying of hunger.

The Song Called Summer Kills

How Good of an Album is World Chaos?

Overall, 1990’s World Chaos started to do a little bit of experimentation beyond straight thrash metal and it is a formula that works well for Germany’s Holy Moses. It is not as good as Pantera’s Cowboys from hell album but it still is better than Slayer’s Seasons in the Abyss album. This one may be on the level of their 1989 album called The New Machine of Liechtenstein.

The Song Called Jungle of Lies

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