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Review the album "Musique" by Norwegian Heavy Metal Band Theatre of Tragedy

Updated on October 25, 2023
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Why Is the Album Musique Different From the Band's Other Albums?

Norwegian metal band Theatre of Tragedy changed their style starting in the year 2000 with their album called Musique and it is likely to turn off many of their fans but not me. Musique is a more electronic sounding album with touches of Paradise Lost influenced riffs as in the first song called Machine. It has a mostly technology based lyrical content and the song is about a voice synthesized machine that is affordable to use. We won’t use the word cheap in this review because affordable is a better word to use. This special machine can also store data, speak, spell words and operate thus making our lives easier. If it seems like people work night and day to improve the technology that we do have, it is very valuable work that they are doing.Even if Musique is the weakest album for the band up to this point, it is certainly not bad.

A Photo of the Beautiful Liv Kristine Espanaes


Musique the Review Part 2

City of Light is a description of a song that talks about a city that has high rise buildings, lower cost apartments and lots of blue collar workers that work in the steel mills. This song has a rougher, heavier kind of riff with the bass and the English accented vocals taking over. Musique is a song about composing music via a computerized system and this song really has the atmospheric, electronic sounds. The song Commute makes reference to the crowded commuter trains that are full of people during the week in many cities around the world. Mobile phones are also used as well in much frequency. Radio starts off with an electronic sound that resembles a Mega Man game for the Nintendo. The band is either obsessed with technology or they just chose these kinds of lyrics to do something different. The radio broadcasts consist of music, news, and even sports in some cases but this song is one of the weaker ones in this album.

The Biggest Con for the Album "Musique"

Liv Kristine’s role has been put to co-contributor as she does not start to sing first which is a con for this album. Liv Kristine set a standard for this band and showed that her soothing vocals are the reason why people should be drawn to this band. Raymond Rohonyi took charge and thus interrupted and changed the standard that had been set since 1993.


Liv Kristine Sitting Down and Standing Near Nature


"Space Age"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Musique"

The song Image is about someone that is a wimp as they act like a pushover, a pansy and they have a bad fashion sense. In this song, Liv Kristine finally starts singing first which is the way it should be. Retrospect is a song about a group of people looking back on their life and they realize that there is no hope, privilege, or fame for them. They have seen this sort of thing happen and now it has happened to them. Space Age is a song that deals with exploring stars and the other planets.

Overall, Musique is the weakest album for Theatre of Tragedy but it is a listenable album and has very useful and informative lyrics. Liv Kristine still has the soothing beauty in her voice and that certainly helps maintain the decency of the album.

Final score 75 out of 100 points

"Image" (Music Video)

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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