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12. Mrs.Santa.Claus (TV) 1996 USA colour U

Updated on July 13, 2014

festive musical family drama


In this Christmas tale made for TV-comes a festive, musical, drama period, set in the early 1900's. Mrs Santa Claus/Mrs North (Angela Lansbury) lives in the North Pole with her husband Santa Claus/St Nicholas (Charles Durning). It's that busy time of year again when all elf's have finished making the toys, and Santa checking out the naughty/nice list, that he accidentally neglects his wife. Mrs Claus would like more of a challenging role, rather then make the cocoa and butter the bread, so that she can spend more time with her husband.

Mrs Claus tries to help her husband out, by making a change to the route that he takes, when he delivers the presents on Christmas eve, the new route change means that Mr Claus would be home in a much quicker time, then the old route. Mr Claus tells her that she can't help him and that he's best of finishing the work alone. Mrs Claus has just about had enough of not being wanted, feeling like a mere invisible shadow behind her husband & the world, seemingly not appreciated, she takes off with the reindeer's to try the new route out. Due to a storm breaking out, Mrs Claus decides to land for safety, but the storm upsets the reindeer's, so they awkwardly crash-land in New York city. On landing Cupid gets injured and needs to rest for a week.

Mrs Claus meets Marcello Damaroco (David Norona) who works at the stables, he then introduces her to the friendly neighbourhood of Avenue 8. Mrs Claus disguises the fact of who she really is and tells everyone that her name is Mrs North, and that she comes from the North. Mrs North lives with Mrs Lowenstein (Rosalined Harris) her daughter Sadie Lowenstein (Debra Wiseman) and her paying customers Michael Kilkenny (Mick Murray) and his daughter Nora Kilkenny (Lynsey Bartilson). Mrs North soon became popular amongst the people of Avenue 8. She helps Nora out who seems to be in a spot of trouble with officer Doyle (Bryan Murray) she advices officer Doyle to invite Mrs Lowenstein to the police Christmas ball, so that he can express his feelings on how he feels about her, rather then crushing on her in secret.

Mrs North also helps Sadie by gathering masses of people together so that they can make their voices be heard. Sadie's line of work involves protesting for the rights of women to vote, because women do not have the same rights and are not allowed to vote, and should be allowed to vote. Before Mrs North came along Sadie was known as soap-box Sadie because no one wanted to support her nor rally with her to fight the rights for women.

Mrs North gets herself a manager's job of working in a toy factory, employed by the evil Augustus P.Tavish (Terrence Mann) the heartless, ruthless, boss. Mr Tavish is so much like Mr Scrooge, who's strict, mean and only cares about profit. At first the other workers didn't approve of Mrs North's kindness nor helping advice, so they mocked & taunt her, until she promised them better working conditions. Slowly the workers became to trust Mrs North, until Mr Tavish steps in and forces the workforce to stay behind late due to the lack of toys made and blames Mrs North then sacks her.

Meanwhile back in the North pole Mr Claus has only just noticed that he has not seen Mrs Claus for some time, and has to be told by Arvo (Michael Jeter) his head elf that she has been gone for two whole days, just took off with the reindeer's. Arvo explains to Mr Claus why Mrs Claus did what she did.

Mrs North was not about to give up on her workers, so she went to Sadie for some legal advice, then she sneaked back into the toy factory by climbing down the chimney to convince the workers one last time that they all must stick together, and that they all must strike. Mrs North took her workers on a march to fight for fair working conditions and to warn the public not to buy any of Augustus P Tavish toys nor stock. Mrs North gets delayed before her return to the North pole, because Mr Tavish puts all the clues together and discovers that Mrs North is really Mrs Claus and tries to stop her from leaving . . . Will the evil Mr Tavish scheme succeed by ruining Christmas for everyone by holding Mrs Claus, for having his workshop closed down, or will he allow her to be reunited with Mr Claus.

Mrs.Santa. Claus is a delightful entertainment family film that's suitable for all the family. This heartwarming festive musical drama period contains some emotional & sentimental scenes, some romantically scenes, and plenty of tunes to sing along too.

Directed by: Terry Hughes Written by:Mark Saltzman

Bartilson Lynsey Nora Kilkenny Bryan Sabrina Fritzie Durning Charles Santa Claus Easterling Bret Emilio Harris Rosalind Mrs Lowenstein Herman Jerry piano player (uncredited) Jeter Michael Arvo Kaufman Jean Jewish neighbour Keagy Grace Mrs Brandenheim Kerman Ken Stage doorman Kerns Linda Mrs Shaughnessy Lansbury Angela Mrs Santa Claus/Mrs North Lynes Kristi Elf 1 Mann Terrence Augustus P Tavish Murray Bryan Officer Doyle Murray Mick Michael Kilkenny Norona David Marcello Damaroco (as David Norona) Pakiz Courtney Elf (uncredited) Perrotta Tony Italian neighbour Pittman Chachi lzzy (as Chachi Pittmann) Rising Marilyn Elf (uncredited)Sullivan Stacy Miss Macgonnigle Torcellini Jamie Elf 2 Wheeler John Man in Santa suit Williams Mitchah Henry Wiseman Debra Sadie Lowenstein


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    • CarltheCritic1291 profile image


      9 years ago

      To be honest I found the film to be annoying, but I'm glad you enjoy it and I respect your opinion. Great Hub keep up the great work, voted Up, Useful, and Interesting :)


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