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Revolution -- A Blast From The Past

Updated on May 1, 2013

Original Airing: April 29, 2013

The name of this episode was Home but it seemed like it was more Who’s The Daddy? Aaron was reunited with his wife, Priscilla and Miles and Sebastian were reunited with their old girlfriend, Emma, in their hometown.

Miles took up the president’s offer and headed his own regiment and managed to take out a large portion of Sebastian’s militia. This didn’t sit well with Bas, as he vowed they had to kill Miles now. His way of doing that was to take everyone hostage in his and Miles hometown and force Miles to come to try and save them.

Charlie is still following after Miles, but she seems to be only staying to find out the real story between Miles and Rachel. She asked him again for the straight scoop, but they got interrupted before he could give her an answer. She also trailed Miles to him hometown, but informed Nora it wasn’t to protect Miles; she wanted to make sure Miles killed Bas, this time.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron arrived in the Plains Nation and Aaron spots his wife, Priscilla, in the market, that he deserted. He finally finds her and she claims the man she’s with, Steve, is her husband. Only he’s holding a gun on her. Rachel tells Aaron to let Priscilla go, since he can’t make up for deserting her. However, he rescues Priscilla from Steve and she tells him the truth. She stabbed a member of the militia to protect her child whose 11 years old. No way it’s Aaron’s kid. She says that the people Aaron left her with when he abandoned her were all killed, but she has a family down in Texas waiting for her to join him.

The flashback story this week was of Teen Miles and Bas and the girl they shared, Emma. She was engaged to marry Miles, but Teen Miles must have been a drinker, cause when he was passed out on the couch Emma and Bas got it on and had sex.

When Bas arrives in his hometown he’s reunited with Emma and she reveals that she did love him. However, Bas says the boy she loved is dead. Then he locks her and all the townspeople in the courthouse in the basement and sets in on fire. Enter Miles who tries to save them all. He manages to help them escape, but Bas gets his hands on Emma and uses her as a bargaining chip to try and make Miles come out and face him.

Unfortunately, one of Miles people tries to take out Bas and kills Emma instead and Miles kills him for killing Emma. Before she was shot Emma told Bas she had his child. However, she dies before she can tell him where the child is. But since she was apparently messing around with both Miles and Bas, do we really know it as Bas’ kid and not Miles?

As Bas escapes in his helicopter, all he can think about is he has a child out there, but has no idea where said child is.

Charlie tells Nora that if Dixon hadn’t tried to take Bas out, she would have done the same. Question is would Miles have shot her dead, instead?

Meanwhile the President of Georgia has a new recruit she intends to send to serve under Miles command. It’s none other than Neville. He’s given her valuable intel on the militia and she’s decided he can be trusted.

I’m guessing they’re saving this big Miles/Rachel reveal until May sweeps or perhaps even the season finale. It does seem from the flashbacks we’ve seen that Miles had something to do with Rachel abandoning her family. When Charlie finds out the truth will it finally make her turn on Miles? The Tower and turning back on all the electricity also seems like a season finale event.

The big question is what is Neville really up to? Has he truly turned on the militia or does he have some plan to get back into Bas’ good graces. And just where is his son, Jason? He’s got to pop up somewhere soon. With Neville back, Jason shouldn’t be too far behind.


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