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Revolution -- Aaron Sets The World On Fire

Updated on October 18, 2013

Are the fireflies really the nanites?

That's the question I was left with after watching last night's episode. Before the power got turned on the nanites were invisible. Then there was Grace's warning the earth could be set on fire if the power was turned back on. The nanites were also supposed to stop working if the power came on. To survive when the power was turned on did they evolve into something new. In short, could the fireflies that are flocking to Aaron actually be the nanites in their new form? When Grace warned the world could be set on fire if the power came on was it because of the nanites?

Anyway, it's been three days since Rachel got shot and she wakes up to a whole new Willoughby. There's kids running around in Halloween costumes. And there's a great military presence in the town. When Ed Truman, the soldier in charge describes himself as a patriot, it makes Rachel's blood run cold since that's what Randall called himself. Even though she can't prove it she's convinced that these people were behind Randall and the bombings of Atlanta and Philadelphia.

She tries to get her father, Gene, on board her anti-Patriot crusade but he takes a pass. So she decides to snoop around where they're basing their headquarters and finds the strange symbol that seems to be these people's logo. Unfortunately, she also gets caught. They let her go assuring themselves she didn't find out anything.

Rachel meets up with an old friend name Ken and she pours out all her suspicions to him. He takes her down to his cellar and she realizes to little too lat that he's a patriot. He chains her up and plans to dispose of her. Unfortunately for him Psycho Rachel turns the tables on him and kills him instead. Then walks calmly out of his butcher shop.

The Patriots aren't allowing anyone outside of the gate. In short, they're prisoners under the loving [or not so loving] protection of the US government. Miles and a man named Bryce Gordon both jump the fence. Miles wants to see what's really going on at Camp Titus.

The Patriots shoot Bryce dead when they catch him but tell everyone in Willoughby it was really Titus' Family that did that. Meanwhile Miles finds Titus who claims the soldiers have loaded his family on a train. They fight over the gun and Titus meets his maker. Miles later sees a boat load of people being put on a train. It kind of reminded me of the Third Reich putting Jews on trains to take them to concentration camps.

Miles sneaks away from the sight and gets caught by a couple of soldiers. They're about to kill Miles when they suddenly burst into flames thanks to the fireflies, it seems, with some help from Aaron.

Earlier, Aaron was asleep when he seemed to be dreaming [or seeing in his dreams] Miles sneaking around the Titus compound as it was happening. Miles turned around like he could feel someone watching him and saw several fireflies swarming around in space. Then Aaron was asleep again as he saw the scene where Miles was about to be shot by the soldiers and the fireflies were swarming around just before the soldiers burst into flames saving Miles life.

I know a lot are suggesting that Aaron is controlling the fireflies, but it's a fact the fireflies were swarming around Aaron long before he got killed and resurrected. And these fireflies seem like sentient beings. Those fireflies were watching Miles and communicating what they saw to Aaron. They weren't able to do that before Aaron died and was resurrected. So maybe they had just been waiting for something to happen to Aaron so they could resurrect him and link with his mind. But unlike everyone else I think the fireflies or nanites are the ones controlling Aaron and not the other way around.

It makes sense that it was the nanites that could possibly set the world on fire if the power was turned back on since for them to live and thrive there had to be no power. That strange burst of lightning Sebastian experienced may have been caused by the nanites floating in the air. Maybe if they power had been kept on the nanites would have been destroyed. However, when the power was shut off it seems that the nanites evolved from these invisible things into becoming fireflies.

For some reason they've seem to have chosen Aaron as their host. It seems they can't really do anything without a human mind at their disposal. They may have chosen Aaron as their host because he's the one who turned off and on the power. Maybe when he was doing it his molecular structure was somehow changed.

I guess as this goes on we'll see who is really controlling who.

Neville was having problems with his commanding office Cooke. But Neville being Neville he found a way to dispose of him. The man apparently was a regular visitor to a local brother and he paid one of the girls there to drug him. Once Cooke was awake, Neville demanded answers. He wanted to know where the Patriots had taken his son, but Cooke swore he didn't know. So not needing him anymore, Neville made it look like the man killed himself. As a result the Secretary allowed Neville to rise a little further in the ranks.

Finally, even though she doesn't like it, Charlie accompanied by Sebastian headed to Willoughby , while Miles suggested they needed to start getting together a resistance to fight against the patriots.

The thing I found interesting was when Rachel and Neville were taking care of their Patriots they paralleled their actions in a montage. It kind of gave the message that Rachel and Neville are no different. If I had to pick the worst person on this show, I'd probably pick Rachel. She helped cause the blackout to save her son and was willing to kill more people and possibly incinerating the world to get revenge for Danny. All the people had done bad stuff, but Rachel's the Queen. No one's body count can match hers.

I think that's why I have a hard time to boo and hiss Neville and Sebastian when Rachel and Miles aren't any better yet I'm supposed to cheer and clap for them.

It'll be interesting to see where this goes from here. Rachel changed the whole structure of the world when she released those nanites in the atmosphere. I get the feeling the nanites are only helping the Resistance against the Patriots to get rid of them then the real war will be fought for control of the planet between the remaining humans and the nanites.


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