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Revolution -- Kill Or Be Killed

Updated on October 31, 2012

Charlie didn't bother me that much, tonight. I was more ticked off at Nora's continued survival. Nora aka Bigger Badder Barbie gets wounded worse than Maggie, yet she survives and Maggie dies. And Maggie was a lot more interesting a character than Nora is.

Miles and the gang took Bigger Badder Barbie to a man named Drexel to help cure her. Drexel knew Miles back in the day. Although he helps Triple B, he has an axe to grind with Miles. When Miles deserted the Militia things went bad for Drexel and he wants his pound of flesh. But since this is the Charlie Show, he decides to use Chuckles to get it.

His next door neighbor destroyed his poppy fields and he wants Charlie to go over and kill him. He says if she doesn't he'll kill everyone in her little band of merry travelers. He has her bathed and put in a trashy dress by his concubines, then he punches her in the face to make it look like she's one of his concubine's that he's been abusing. Then he sends her on her way to kill Bill O'Halloran.

When she gets there she learns Drexel got O'Halloran's daughter on drugs and turned her into one of his concubines. She also learns he used to be a cop and saw him with his grandchild when he arrived. Instead of doing the smart thing, which might have been to appeal to O'Halloran to help her save her friends from Drexel, she knocks Bill out and prepares to kill him, even knowing he's the good guy in the situation.

Meanwhile, Aaron convinces Miles to go over to Drexel's and stop her. He doesn't want Charlie to become a killer. Sorry, Aaron, you're too late. Didn't she already kill the prison guard so Triple B would come with them and help save Danny? It just seemed like a repeat of that episode with Chuckles on a Kill Mission. Aaron makes Miles choose between Charlie and Triple B.

Miles breaks out of Drexel's and stops Chuckles from stabbing and killing someone she knew was a good person. Meanwhile Drexel ordered Aaron and Triple B to shoot each other. Aaron decides Miles and Chuckles need Triple B more than him and shoots himself. And I'm like, "Oh, great, they've killed off another character so Triple B can live." Luckily the flask in his pocket is there and takes the bullet and then he shoots Drexel point blank. Afterwards, Drexel's men lets them go.

Aaron's back story is told. He couldn't protect his wife, and a man they met, Sean, was always having to save their bacon. Finally, Aaron left his wife, deciding she'd be better off without him.

Back at Monroe's headquarter's Jason tells Sebastian he saw Aaron with one of the pendants he needs. But he's worried that the man Monroe is going to send after the troupe, Strausser, will kill everyone but Miles. Neville also seems to get his jollies trying to undermine his son. Guess that's also part of the new persona he developed: loving father to undermining jerk.

Finally, Danny is lead to what looks like the town square and sitting on a bench is Rachel, who he's happily reunited with.

Miles still hasn't said boo to Chuckles about Rachel being alive, so when they ever reach Monroe's encampment, she'll learn yet another secret about Big Bad Uncle Miles.


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