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Revolution -- Nora

Updated on September 25, 2012

How do I loathe Charlie? Let me count the ways

I really like the premise of the show. There's just one fly in the ointment. The Charlie character. A lead character hasn't annoyed me and irritated me so much since Jack on LOST. I don't know if it's the actress [who does absolutely nothing for the part] or the writing for the character [which does the annoying Charlie no favors] or if it's both. I do know that having this annoying twit as the central focus of the show is a detriment to the show. Already, it's a chore to have to watch the show just to have to put up with this annoying nitwit. Making Miles or any of the other characters [minus the equally annoying Danny] the central focus of the show would vastly improve it.

A bounty hunter, we'll call him Bounty Hunter, tracks down Miles and they engage in a sword dual. Miles wins and is about to dispatch Bounty Hunter, when up bops Betty Boop to insist Miles not kill the man. He gives in to her and locks him up. Unfortunately, Bounty Hunter manages to free himself and get the drop on Miles. Luckily for Miles he's a killing machine and it doesn't take long for Miles to get the drop on him, again, and this time he finishes Bounty Hunter off.

Miles insists he needs to find an old compatriot named Nora to help rescue the equally annoying Danny Boy. Of course, Betty Boop insists she go with him, since she's got to be at the center of all the action. He tells her thanks but no thanks, since if she had kept her nose out of his business and allowed him to kill Bounty Hunter he wouldn't have captured Miles. Of course, Betty Boop isn't going to take no for an answer. She sneaks out of camp. I'm gonna go with you, uncle, whether you want me to or not! [Insert foot stomp.]

While the Boopster is tromping through the woods tracking Uncle Miles since she's such a super duper good tracker she hears someone tromping in the woods behind her. After she falls boom and hurts her wittle ankle, Nate comes out of the bushes. He rushes to her aid and she manages to handcuff him to something, because she's just that good. She's upset Nate lied about his name being Nate and wants to know why he helped her. I'll answer for him. It's because you're just too wonderful to kill or let die and he just couldn't help himself.

She leaves Not Nate and quickly find Uncle Miles. She gives Uncle a sniveling tale of how it's all her fault Dumb Danny got taken. She was off by herself when it was her job to keep an eye on him. Sorry, Betty, but the kids looks old enough to take care of himself. Anyway, after that how could Miles not take her with him?

They come across a work camp. He sees Nora alive and well as a bunch of camp workers [slaves] are dragging a helicopter around them. Miles comments that Sebastian must believe the power can be turned back on. After Miles rescues Nora, she reveals she didn't want to be saved, as she got herself in that work camp on purpose. She wants the sniper rifle. As Miles and Nora debate the feasibility of that, Betty Boop gets up on her soap box appalled at them for not caring about the slaves enslaved in the camp and not wanting to do anything to save them.

In short order, she becomes the center of the plan to save the slaves and get the rifle. She has to shoot the warden. Which she does amid flashbacks of her mommy and daddy facing off against a man who wanted their food a week after the blackout began. She shoots the warden and the guard, just as she recalls her Daddy not being able to shoot the food thief while her mother did. In short, Betty is just like her mommy.

Afterwards, when Nora has her shirt off tending her wound, Miles sees a flag tattooed on her back and realizes Nora has joined the resistance and that's the real reason she wanted the rifle. Of course, Betty wants to know what the resistance is. It's a group of bleeding hearts wanting to bring back the gold old U S of A. Want to take bets on how long it'll be before the Teen Queen is the big head of the resistance?

Meanwhile, the Militia Head [until I hear someone shoot him a name, I'm going to call him MH] is still stuck with the albatross, Danny Boy. They stop at a farm when MH sees a deer hanging outside that was taken down by a gun. Seems something called the Baltimore Act allows only the militia to possess fire arms. He makes the man hand over his piece and intends to search the house for any more fire arms. A gunfight ensues with the homeowner getting wasted and one of MH's men getting badly wounded. MH get the wounded man to drink poison and afterwards they bury him. When Danny Boy snickers as MH says words at the makeshift funeral, MH tells the little putz to have the guts to say what he thinks. The Putz cops an attitude and I'm like if it weren't for you you worthless bag of spit, your father wouldn't be dead. I'm so on Team MH kicking this punk's teeth in.

In the interesting part of the episode [that's any part that doesn't feature either of these teen twits] Aaron wants to know why Maggie still has an old cell phone. She says her kids' pictures are still on it and she keeps it in hopes the power ever comes back on so she can look at them, since she's starting to forget what they looked like. Aaron finally reveals to Maggie that Ben gave him the pendant before he died and said to take it to Grace Beaumont. [Grace was the woman that helped The Putz last week and then handed him over to MH to avoid trouble.] Aaron suggests that the blackout was man made and maybe they could get the power back on. He suggests they go find Grace.

Unfortunately, if they do find Grace, it appears it'll be too late. There's a knock on her door and the unseen man addresses her by name. She rushes off to her computer equipment to send the message that, "Randall is here." Then Randall corners her with what looks like an electric cattle prod. Seems the power is working for some people.

I swear, when I heard the name Randall, I started thinking Randall Flagg from The Stand.

Meanwhile, Sebastian tries to play good cop to a prisoner one of his men is torturing for information. When the prisoner says he's not afraid of Sebastian, he drops the acts and kills him. Then he pays the teen twits mommy a visit. Big shock...NOT! I figured she was alive. Her name is Rachel. I was about to dub her Jerica. J for Juliet from LOST and Erica for Erica from V. Sebastian is keeping her in a nice house. She has nice clothes. He's even keeping her supplied in peroxide, as her hair is much lighter than when she was with Ben and her brats.

Sebastian tells her that Ben is dead, which she doesn't want to believe. Then he grabs her by the throat revealing he's got her sniveling son in his custody. He wants to know everything she knows about the blackout.

This show has a lot going for it. Most of the actors are great, minus the teen twits. It seems hard casting a good teen actor, since V had the same problem with the equally annoying Tyler. But at least Tyler wasn't written as the central focus of the show. The show really needs to consider putting the annoying Charlie in the background because the character just isn't good enough to be the lead.


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    • profile image

      ToeFungus 5 years ago

      I found your article when doing a search for "charlie in revolution is irritating" to see if I was alone. The makes a good show soooo irritating. Why does she have to be so innocently stupid!

    • profile image

      Ricky 5 years ago

      Thank you. I can't recall EVER being annoyed this much by a character. Which sucks because I really want to like the show bur geez.. Somebody spank her and send her to secondary character land please!

    • profile image

      Charlie Hater 5 years ago

      I totally agree about Charlie

    • profile image

      Kallizm 5 years ago

      The Cattle Prod is powered by Randall's charm. He had it around his neck.