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Revolution -- Papa Gene Blues

Updated on November 7, 2013

What do you do with a problem like Horn?

You don't toot him. In fact, you give the dude a wide berth and hope he doesn't notice you. He's basically this season's Randall Flynn. He wants to control the nanites that were released in the air, so he settles his beady eyes on Rachel's direction and asks for a moment alone with her in private.

Horn reveals to Rachel she's a wanted woman and the reason she's wanted is because the Patriots think she has the ability to control the nanites. She tells him no can do and leaves the meeting knowing that Aaron is in big trouble if Horn discovers he can set the world on fire with the help of the nanites. She tells him he needs to get out of Dodge and fast.

Aaron has one of the moments where you want to slap him upside his head. He won't go without Cyn, but trying to smuggle them both out is going to be a problem, as the Patriots have increased there manpower by the gate. Somehow they have to slip Aaron out and get him to where Monroe is hiding out.

Yep, it was just like we all suspected when Rachel was seen digging up Monroe's grave. She helped to fake his death. She tells Charlie she did it for her since she thinks they need him.

Papa Gene is listening through the air vent to Miles, Rachel and Aaron discussing how to get him out of Camp Snoopy. But he lies to the Patriots that he hasn't heard anything. Gene then recalls how he became a Patriot.

It was seven years after The Blackout. His people were dying, including his own wife, because he didn't have any medicine to treat their sickness. Enter Shaw who offers to get Gene all he needs if he becomes a Patriot. He does, and has to stand by as Shaw tortures someone.

He tries to make up for that by offering to help Aaron get to safety. However, when the Patriots threaten the town and his family, Gene sells Aaron out and tells the Patriots when he's supposed to rendezvous with Aaron. Only at the appointed time Aaron doesn't show and walk into the trap.

Seems Miles got suspicious of Papa Gene and set a trap to test his loyalty. Rachel is crushed her father is a Patriot. Meanwhile Miles and company decide to sneak Aaron out via the sewers. Unfortunately, the Patriots figure that out and are waiting for Aaron and Cyn when they come out the other side.

Between Monroe and his Sword Of Death and Aaron and his fire starting abilities, the Patriots are left either dead on the ground bleeding or finding out what it's like to be a human bonfire. As Monroe leads them to safety, Aaron realizes that Cyn is now afraid of him after seeing what he can do.

After Aaron escape, Rachel breaks down crying. Neither Miles nor Rachel will pony up and tell Charlie what's going on. In short, Papa Gene is now the enemy. But Charlie lets her guard down long enough in regards to her mother to comfort her mother. Meanwhile Horn lets Papa Gene know he's in his not happy place and when he's in his not happy place he can do bad things to people like Rachel.

In the other story of the night Neville is hoping that now Jason has all the drugs he was given out of his system he'll get his son back. The Secretary, however, advises Neville not to trust Jason and that he's conning him saying he's fine now. Heeding her advice, he keeps the handcuffs on Jason. But when they run into a band of Patriots and Jason slaughters them all, Neville finally has proof his has his son back and removes the handcuffs.

Seeing that Neville was able to get Jason back from what the Patriots had done to him gives the Secretary hope she might do the same thing. As she's about to leave, Neville knocks her out. When she comes to, Neville said she warned him not to trust Jason, but he was the one she shouldn't have trusted. He intends to use her as a weapon against her high-ranking Patriot husband.

At this point, I think Neville's going to have to give up his plot to infiltrate the Patriots and destroy them from within. If Jason stays with him, the Patriots will only try and brainwash him again. And since Neville vanished and his son vanished they'll probably be able to put two and two together. And I'm not sure just how effective the Secretary will be against her husband if he's like all the other Patriots the cause comes before all else. After all, he apparently had no problem with the brainwashing of his son into a killing machine for the cause.

What with Monroe back in the fold, it seems like Neville and Jason will be next. Then our band of resistance fighters will start trying to take down the Patriots in some take-off of NBC's old series, V, when the resistance had to take down the aliens and show all the humans that under their human looking faces they were really lizards. That's what the Patriots vs. the Resistance is starting to remind me of.

The Patriots, like The Visitors, have most of the population fooled that their Lady Bountiful and none see beneath their smiling facades are a bunch of evil people trying to take over the world. And Aaron is the Star Child who possesses magical powers. The ironic thing is Elizabeth Mitchell played in the reboot of V.

Anyway, I guess this will be the end of Papa Gene and Stephen Collins on Revolution. From the coming attractions for next week's show it appears Psycho Rachel is gone to gas Papa Gene along with the rest of the Patriots. After that, they'll probably take their band of merry men towards Atlanta where they'll hook up with Neville and Jason and Charlie and Jason can begin anew and they can all compare notes on just how bad the Patriots really are.


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