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Revolution -- The Long Walk To Philly

Updated on November 22, 2012

And it was a long walk. I was like is it ever going to end? They're not going to get to Philly in this episode are they? This is so boring! How much longer before this episode ends? In short, it was my week to be subjected to mind-numbing filler. What really is revolting is the show promoted this episode like Miles was finally coming face-to-face with Sebastian and it was just a delusion from lack of oxygen.

Of course, the whole walking through the train tunnel gave me a shades of The Stand when Nadine and Larry had to walk through the Holland Tunnel, I think it was, to get out of New York. Let me tell you, it was a whole lot more interesting and suspenseful when Larry and Nadine did it. Imagine in spite of the mass hysteria of Captain Tripps people didn't wait 15 years to come together and try to do something.

It might have been more interesting if other stories were shown. This is what happens when you limit yourself to one story. If it's boring, the whole episode is boring. We only got two scenes of Rachel working in Sebastian's lab. Turns out instead of making something to magnify the power of the pendant she was trying to build a bomb. Her ex-associate who she betrayed previously returned the favor when he told Sebastian she was building a bomb. When Sebastian said he no longer needed Rachel since he now had another more trustworthy scientist to do what he needed done, she stabbed her ex-friend and killed him so Sebastian would be forced to deal with her.

The episode began with Chuckles and Company being held prisoner by the rebels, but supposedly Big Badder Barbie brokered a deal for them to let them go and have some of their people accompany them into Philly. So this motley crew began walking through the train tunnel towards Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Charlie being Charlie stepped on a land mine and the effort to save her caused one end of the tunnel to collapse trapping them inside and forcing them to go forward.

Triple B told Charlie a little of the history between Miles and Sebastian. Miles left the militia when he tried but couldn't go through with killing Sebastian. Aaron realizes the collapse of the tunnel cut off their supply of oxygen and everyone starts seeing things that aren't there. Like Miles imagines meeting up with Sebastian again. Phantom Sebastian told Miles he's afraid that if he sees Sebastian again he'll want to rejoin the militia. Once you knew that the whole confrontation between Miles and Sebastian was just imagined, it was like wake me when it's over.

Aaron sees his wife who he abandoned and he won't talk to her. And Charlie hit her head and dreamed she was back home with her father and she didn't want to leave him, but she finally came back to the land of the living to rescue Danny.

The rebel sergeant that was leading them into Philadelphia turned out to be a militia mole and tried to abduct Miles, but he was easily dispatched. At the end of the episode they finally arrived in Philadelphia. Game on.

Next week is the fall finale and then the show will be on a three month hiatus. Let's hope next week's episode is better than this dud of an episode was.


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