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Revolution -- The Plague

Updated on January 23, 2014

The Patriots are employing methods used by Adolph Hitler

And if that doesn't tell you how much these dudes need to be put out of business nothing will. Their brainwashing of the young soldiers seems reminiscent of Hitler's Youth. And now they're cleansing the population of undesirables. To not be an undesirable you have to be healthy both mentally and physically. If you're not, then they infect you with their Typhus serum.

Rachel and company arrived from Mexico and saw that the entire town was under quarantine. She tried to sneak back into camp, but Truman caught her. Gene begged for Rachel's help in helping him and Charlie fight the disease. And it wasn't long before Rachel was becoming suspicious and figuring out the Typhus has been created by the Patriots to cleanse the population of only its fit members. She was also sure there had to be a antidote, the question was where was Truman keeping it.

Monroe had to twist Connor's arm to help Miles try to find the cure, telling him they needed Miles if he wanted the Monroe Republic to rise again. Word! There wouldn't have even been a Monroe Republic if Miles hadn't built it.

Since Connor isn't know by the Patriots he takes Truman hostage to give them the antidote. To make sure he cooperates they infect him with the same disease he's infected everyone else. Meanwhile times is running out for Gene who was also infected with the disease. He looks like he's about to expire as Connor is caught at gunpoint by Truman's men.

The question if Julia would abandon Jason for her new life was answered and that answer is a big fat no. Maybe she'd sell out Neville, but Jason seems to be her heart and soul and she was desperate to save him. Unfortunately, her husband caught on to her and just and Julia and Neville were about to spring a trap on them, they were the ones caught in the trap. Doyle vowed as Julia was dragged away that Neville and Julia would never set eyes on each other again.

Flashbacks showed how Julia and Neville became the Macbeth and Lady Macbeth they are today. The answer is one word. Jason. He was sick and they were afraid if he didn't get some food he was going to die.

Neville tried to do it on his own and went after two men who had food but they beat him up. So Julia went in as bait and let one of the men maul her while Neville snuck behind the other one and slit his throat, then he went to the tent and shot the one mauling Julia. Thus Neville and Julia were born.

Aaron found a note from Grace saying she'd taken off. As I said, there was something really off about her and I don't know that she can be trusted. Then a nanite in the form of Cyn showed up to tell Aaron he needed to go to Lubbock, Texas and supposedly all his questions would be answered. Cyn added ominously before vanished in the mist that Priscilla needed to go with him and if they didn't go their lives could be in danger. That was all fine and good, and while Aaron was willing to go to Lubbock, Priscilla refused. However, the nanites weren't giving her a choice in the manner as a firefly was seen flying around her just before a tree nearly fell on her to stop her from leaving.

Just what is waiting in Lubbock for Aaron and Priscilla? And why do the nanites insist they go together? What about the mysterious Peter who also worked on the nanite code? Why isn't he important to the nanites, too? Could he be waiting in Lubbock for Aaron and Priscilla? And could that also be where Grace went? Finally, is the real reason the nanites didn't safe Cyn was because they want their Mommy and Daddy to be together?

Will Neville and Julia be able to find each other again. And will either be able to find Jason? Just what happened to Jason? Did they put him through the youth brainwashing camp again? Or did they kill him like Doyle hinted?

Even should Connor be able to get away with the antidote is it too late to save Gene? Well, considering they showed a clip for the next show where Connor and Charlie are going on a date together, we know he gets out of the mess with Truman's men. We also know Neville must somehow get away from Doyle's men who dragged him away because he's reunited with Camp Charlie and he's none the worse for wear. Don't you hate promos that ruin all the cliffhangers for you?

I remember the good old days when promos for the next week's show were careful not to reveal anything that would reveal the outcome of the cliffhangers so you'd keep wondering what was going to happen. Well, they didn't show Gene, so we don't know if he lives or dies. But it does seem a little strange Rachel would be wanting to give Miles a boink if her daddy just died. Of course, this is Rachel we're talking about so it's possible Gene died and they weren't able to save him.

So in closing what do we know about The Patriots? Well, they want people to see them as the good guys so they don't look behind the curtain to see what they're really doing. Their brainwashing their young soldiers to become killing machines with any feeling or emotion. They're also weeding out anyone from the population that isn't mentally or physically healthy. So what is their overall goal? How do they picture their Utopian Society evolving. And just who are the big guns behind The Patriots. Who is masterminding all these actions the Patriots are taking? That may be the biggest mystery of all? Will that also be answered in Lubbock, Texas?


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