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Revolution -- There's No Escape For Aaron

Updated on November 14, 2013

Cyn realizes Aaron killed her husband

This was kind of a filler episode since nothing really happened, but it did progress the story along and it wasn't an interesting watch.

Monroe was helping Aaron because Miles promise to tell him where he stashed his son. When Miles didn't show up, Monroe was about to leave Aaron to go search for Miles, when they were swarmed by Patriots. Seems Papa Gene figured out where Aaron was and ratted them out to his Patriot buds. The end result was Monroe did what he was planning to do and deserts Aaron, saying he'll be fine but if the Pats find out he's still alive he won't be.

That wasn't the only problems Aaron had to face. Cyn put two and two together and came up with, "You killed my husband," and didn't want anything to do with Aaron. Then they both got caught by the Pats.

You know, Aaron may not like that he can set the world on fire, but he really needs to learn how to control it. If he had just set those Pats on fire, he wouldn't have been caught and he and Cyn wouldn't be at their untender mercies.

Horn has a brain tumor and he wants the nanites to save his life. He examines the ones in Aaron's body and they're acting differently. He brings Cyn in and when she sees Gene and learns he's working for the Pat's, let's say she doesn't think much of him. Horn seems to hope that Aaron will be able to lay hands on him and heal him. Since Aaron doesn't know how to control the nanites, Horn gives him a little incentive. He has Cyn stabbed in the stomach to see if Aaron will be able to heal her.

Gene learns his Pat buddies have betrayed them as after they have Aaron, Horn wants Rachel. He was promised they'd leave her alone. Sucks to be you, Gene. This is basically how the people you betrayed feel.

Meanwhile Charlie is trying to talk forgiveness and understanding to her psychotic mommy. She tells Rachel hating her was easy for everything she's done, and that maybe she should consider that Gene might have had good reasons for what he did. Rachel doesn't want to hear it. In fact, she almost gases Patriot headquarters knowing her father is inside. Miles stops her to tell her that Aaron is also inside and that stops Psycho Mama. At least for the moment.

Gene goes to where Miles, Rachel and Charlie are hiding out. He explains why he did it. He watched Rachel's mother die a horrible death and he was offered the chance to save others with medicine and he took it. Rachel is unmoved, she doesn't even react to hearing about the horrible death her mother died.

I know the media raves about Elizabeth Mitchell's acting skill, but I've never been a fan. I feel she's overrated and you'd think Mitchell could have at least had some reaction to hearing her character's mother had died a horrible death.

Instead she blamed Gene for making her believe she was crazy. Sweetheart you are crazy. It's just the people you're with won't see just how crazy you truly are. So in her mind she's some great humanitarian for causing millions of deaths just to save her son's life, but her father cooperating with the Patriots to save people's lives is unforgivable. Maybe someone should remind her she hopped in bed with the Patriots long before her daddy did and if she hadn't done what she did her daddy wouldn't have been placed in the situation where he had to sell out to save lives.

This is why I find this character so unlikable. She may on occasion admit to what a horrible thing she's done, but she always feels that she's still better than people like Monroe and now her father. What she is is a female Neville. We'll get to him next.

Anyway the Pat's found their hideout and Gene swore this time he didn't betray them. They must have had him followed. He offers to act as bait so they can escape to begin making it up to them and does just that.

Off at the other Patriot headquarters in Georgia Neville uses the Secretary's ring to get in to see her husband. He tells the man he has his wife and then he starts going to work on the man and turning him on his wife.

Meanwhile, the Secretary starts taunting Jason and he nearly kills her with his bare hands like he had no control over what he's doing. Both the Secretary and him realize that Jason isn't as free of what happened to him as he hoped.

When Neville brings the Secretary's husband to see her, instead he brings up her writing a letter because of what the Patriots did to her son. He says she's an enemy of the state then shoots her and a creepy pleased Neville looks on. It appears Neville totally has the man in his power. The question is can he parlay this influence he has over the man into getting him accepted into the inner circle of the Patriots so he can destroy them from within?

Like Rachel, Neville is a character you can never really root for, cause deep down their so sick and twisted it's not funny. Neville is on his revenge tour because his wife got killed in the Patriot bombings. Yet he turned around and got a man to kill his own wife. How sick is that?

Anyway, as we close shop for this week Aaron is in the hands of the Pat's and Cyn has been stabbed. Will Aaron be able to heal her instead of setting people on fire? From the previews our motley crew will try and rescue Aaron, Cyn and Gene. Monroe is still out on the loose so he'll probably figure into it some way. Besides, if he wants to find out where his son is, he'll need Miles alive to do it. Jason isn't really free of his programming, and will have to fight against it. And Neville has got his hooks into someone high up in the Patriot command.


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