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Revolution -- What Caused The Black-Out

Updated on November 6, 2012

This show should really rename itself Charlie. Here I am expecting the show to pick-up where it left off with the Rachel and Danny reunion. What was I thinking? Of course, the show begins with a Flash Forward of Chuckles about to get branded with an M. It’s pretty sad that a show about a black-out that put the entire world in darkness is having to take a backseat to the Perils of Chuckles.

Then we flashback to whole Chuckles and the Chucklettes ran across a band of children whose parents were slaughtered by the Militia. Their leader, Peter, has been taken by the militia. Of course, Chuck E Cheese, insists on them rescuing him. Once again, she goes undercover, gets caught and must be rescued by the Chuckettes. Every week it’s like wash, rinse and repeat. This is the very same situation that happened, last week.

Finally, we got back to Danny and Rachel. He’s with her in her deluxe accommodations and says they must escape. She replies, “Shh! They’ll hear you.” Sebastian reveals they captured one of Ben’s ex co-workers, Brad, thanks to Rachel’s info, but he won’t talk. She asks them to stop torturing Brad and claims she’ll get the info out of him on where he’s stashed his pendant. She pretends like she’s been kept in a cell all this time, as Brad is put in the cell next to hers. Unfortunately, for her, Brad isn’t buying what he’s selling. He disdains her for selling them out to keep Danny safe, then Sebastian brings in his daughter, and he tells where the pendant is to save her life.

This week’s flashbacks are of Rachel three years before the black-out.

Ben was trying to create a device to create clean low-cost electricity, but ended up creating one that inhibits electricity instead. Rachel was there to witness it. Ben asked to replicate it by Secretary Flynn of the Department of Defense. Rachel angry Ben didn’t tell her about this. She’s against cooperating with Flynn because they could use it as a weapon.

As she’s leaving, a very pregnant Rachel has pains and is rushed to the hospital. She learns that Baby Danny may not survive delivery. But who should later approach her but Flynn offering to pull strings to get her in a medical trial that could insure Danny is born safely. She asks what he wants in return, and he says he just wants to be her friend. That the whole world got blacked-out pretty much indicates she removed her rejection of continuing the project. So in effect, I guess we could say it’s all Danny Boy’s fault the world got blacked-out.

Anyway, Chuckles manages to get taken aboard a Soldier Ship where you go in a kid and come out a soldier. Which brings us back to the moment she got branded. Shortly after, Miles and Bigger Badder Barbie get on the ship and rescue Chuckles and Peter. They’re about to escape when the soldier in charge, Slotnick, holds a knife to Peter’s brother, Michael’s throat. Luckily, the lighthouse beacon suddenly comes on and it distracts everyone, allowing Miles to rescue Michael and kill Slotnick.

Once Miles gets back he demands to know how the lights came on for a second. Aaron reveals the truth about the pendant. It apparently comes on whenever it has a mind to. Miles demands it so he can destroy it. Me, I say, “Screw you!”

I really have to say Ben was a bonehead to trust it to Aaron. He let Nate [whatever his real name is] see it. Then one of the kids swiped it from him. Now the enemy, Miles, knows about it and wants to destroy it.

Lastly, we see Grace Beaumont, again. She’s not dead. She’s being kept somewhere by DOD Flynn, whose first name is Randall, who tells her he just wants to be her friend. I was actually hoping Jamey Sheridan would be playing Randall. It would have been a hilarious homage to The Stand. Although, you can’t deny there’s a similarity between the last names: The Stand was Randall Flagg and Revolution is Randall Flynn.


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