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Helping To Revolutionize The Music Industry: Ginger Wildheart

Updated on June 30, 2012

Ginger Wildheart

Early in 2012 frontman of legendary 90's heavy rock band The Wildhearts, Ginger, announced that he would be raising funds online towards his next album via new music industry website Pledge Music. Pledge Music is a fundraising website where fans can help to fund a music project in return for getting their hands on exclusive benefits not available elsewhere.

Ginger offered to his fans an exclusive triple-album CD, with signed copies available, never to be made publicly available. Now that the album has been officially released some of these triple-albums are fetching several hundred pounds on eBay, yet fans who helped fund the album got their copy for just £25 - making this truly one worthwhile investment. Rare releases by Ginger's previous band The Wildhearts, who were going for over 20 years and have been signed to many labels, have previously fetched similar prices on eBay in the past.

Although not being known well enough in order to be considered famous (until now!) Ginger remains one of the most prolific, hard-working and dedicated singer/songwriters the UK has ever seen and has actively been taking part in side projects for as long as I can remember.

Ginger Wildheart reached the £60,000 target within just six short hours at Pledge Music and the project has broken new records in the music industry world of fan-funding. In total, Ginger has reached 587% of his target and there is no musician out there who deserves it more. Ginger has been constantly and consistently working extremely hard at his music career for over 20 years and this success is well overdue. In fact, Ginger's previous band The Wildhearts never really managed to attain the mainstream success or exposure that they truly deserved.

Ginger started off his music career back in the 1980's as part of glam rock band The Quireboys whereby he made a brief appearance on national UK television before being sacked from the band. Ginger, originally hailing from Newcastle, then moved to London in order to form his own band, The Wildhearts. Although The Wildhearts have seen several reincarnations over the years, Ginger was always the main songwriter, singer and frontman and at one time even set up his own record label (Round Records).

Ginger's Pledge Music album, entitled 100%, was officially released on 25th June 2012 and within two days had hit number 9 in the official UK album charts ahead of Rihanna and Coldplay, a key achievement in his career which Ginger had never managed to attain in the past. Consider that before his Pledge Music campaign, Ginger had actually considering retiring from the music industry for good. Ginger knows all too well from first-hand experience how difficult in can be being signed to a label and trying to recoup their expenses. Thank God he didn't quit!

Whilst copies of 100% are flying off the shelves of shops like HMV like hotcakes, die-hard fans who funded the album have stocked up on their copies of the exclusive triple-album entitled '555%' and are set to make a profit by 'going into business' with Ginger. In addition, pledgers also got to choose the final twelve tracks which made it onto the official album release of 100%.

It's about time all Ginger's hard work and dedication paid off... and without a label behind him too!

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