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Richard Armitage: A Dedicated Actor and Caring Person

Updated on September 2, 2014
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Alicia has been a Columnist and Reviewer on HubPages for 11 years; became an Author in 2010. Perseverance has been a key to her success.

Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage in BBC's mini-series "North and South"
Richard Armitage in BBC's mini-series "North and South"
Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne, BBC's TV Series "Robin Hood"
Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne, BBC's TV Series "Robin Hood"

A Website Review

Recently I ran across a very illuminating website. I was not searching for it. Found it completely by accident while looking up something unrelated for another article. Best way to find delightful Internet surprises.

The website RichardArmitageOnline is not like most nauseating fan-based websites full of speculation, conjecture, wishful thinking, and fan adoration. It does not insult the intelligence or read like People Magazine. Even though it is an unofficial website with no affiliation to Richard Armitage or his agents, RichardArmitageOnline gives an excellent account of Richard Armitage's acting career. I caught myself captivated by the style, organization, and overall appearance of this website. Whomever cares for this website knows what they are doing, well informed, and produces fabulous, easy to breeze through, reading material about Richard Armitage.

The most surprising information on this website were monthly letters dated December 13, 2004 through April 22, 2008 that Richard Armitage had written as an attempt to be considerate to his loyal fans; respond to their letters and gifts sent to him via the Internet. Like the cat, curiosity overwhelmed me, and I did read a good portion of these letters. They were well written, with the very best of intentions and showed that Richard Armitage is very thankful for his fans. These letters were his way of reaching out to his fans, letting them know they mattered. That he, an actor, cared.

Sadly per the website, Richard Armitage had decided to no longer continue writing these Internet letters to his fans; felt this venue was no longer appropriate. The last letter, dated April 22, 2008, was very tender, warm, and showed admiration to those who support and view his work. If he ever writes a book, I'll be one of the first to purchase. Loved his writing style.

Do get a chance to view RichardArmitageOnline website just to see what a "down to earth, real person" actor is like. Richard Armitage is no Prima-Donna expecting accolades. He knows how important viewers are. The appreciation and high regard he has for his fan base is wonderful. He is not the type of actor who has forgotten the importance of people watching his performances in television programs and films as well as on stage.

Richard Armitage is an inspiration and positive role model to all, not solely in his field, but out in the real world where genuine kindness counts. It is hoped that more upcoming actors and actresses will see his example, and follow it. There is never enough real people spreading kindness throughout the Entertainment Industry and elsewhere.

For more information about Richard Armitage visit:



Richard Armitage movies plus ratings by Alicia

Frozen (2005): He played Steven. I give this film 5 stars.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011): Richard portrayed Heinz Kruger, the German Spy. His portrayal of this particular character was amazing. Well worth watching this show just to see how he played the German Spy. This movie has 5 stars from me.

The Hobbit movie series (2012, 2013 and 2014): when I realized Richard Armitage was Thorin Oakenshield, I nearly fell off my couch. Great special effects and acting! 5 stars for this movie series.

Into the Storm (released August 8, 2014): I have not had the pleasure of seeing this, but knowing Mr. Armitage is in this as Gary Morris, I probably will, and then give my rating here afterwards.


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