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Ringer: A Whole New Kind Of B!tch

Updated on October 15, 2011



Gemma Knows

Bridget had to reveal she isn't actually Siobhan to Gemma because Gemma discovered Siobhan had an affair with her husband Henry. Gemma uses this information to her tactical advantage and threatens to expose Bridget to Andrew. She demands Siobhan sleep with her husband Henry to cancel the prenump.

Juliette is a drug addict blaming Siobhan for her parents divorce and her drug use.

Meanwhile Malcolm is paying for all of Bridget's bad Karma as he is drugged by the mob and is fighting for his survival.

Bridget refuses to cave into Gemma's demands and warns Henry and tries to befriend Gemma. Henry confronts Gemma and it looks as if Gemma is going to expose Bridget to Andrew. But Henry shuts her up.


I love this show as it is musical karma for addicts. In Ringer everyone is having to pay everyone esle's Karma. Bridget is paying for Siobhan which is quite taxing. Malcolm is paying for Bridget and the list goes on. It is a great show in that it poses the question of how a recovering addict heals their own karma while living another's life. It looks like Bridget maybe stuck with everyone's karma in the end.

Ringer" A Whole New Kind Of Bitch


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