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Ringer -- The Shivster Makes The Rounds

Updated on February 2, 2012

This show has been off so long I forgot where it left off. It came back as I watched it. I can't decide which show does the twin thing better: The Lying Game or Ringer. The Lying Game is aimed at a target audience for teenagers and Ringer is for adults. I think I actually prefer The Lying Game. It's just got a better mystery at the core. Things seem to actually happen on The Lying Game and the characters actually learn things, while on Ringer the characters are like hamsters on a wheel going round and round and never making any progress. I also think villainous twin Sutton has gotten the Shivster beaten ten ways til Sunday in the bad girl department.

The episode opens with the Shivsters glaring at twin Bridget as she's taking a shower. It's actually a scene that takes place later in the episode. I've been watching old reruns of The Outer Limits on THIS TV and that show employed the same technique of starting the show by showing you something that would happen later in the episode.

Henry is talking to the authorities wondering how Gemma could be connected to Bridget Kelly as she didn't even know her, and then he realizes it's because of The Shivster. He runs into The Shivster when he's leaving and is cold to her. I'm actually proud of him, but my pride and liking him last as long as he manages not to succumb to her imagined charms. About two seconds. She gets him to agree to meet her at their place. Weak as water, I tell you, weak as water!

One of the big stories in the last episode was Juliet's claim her teacher forced her to ;have sex with him. I thought she was lying, but after this episode it seems like she's telling the truth. Juliet doesn't want to go to school and she doesn't want to be near him. She also causes a scene at the party Bridget and Andrew are hosting and that her teacher is in attendance. When Juliet tells Bridget the truth, Bridget causes her own scene at the party and throws the teacher out. Of course, in true Juliet fashion she's mad at Bridget for defending her and tossing the teacher out.

The Shivster sneaks into Andrew's office trying to hack his computer; when she's unable to do it, she sneaks to the apartment. Bridget and Andrew come home and she gets a good view of them happy, which, of course, makes her very unhappy. When Bridget goes to take a shower she stands outside the glass shower giving her the evil dagger eyes. You know, I can feel when someone's staring at me. Of course, The Shivster slithers around the bathroom and steals the ring Andrew gave Bridget. Unfortunately, for her, she's late for her rendezvous with Henry and things don't work out for her in that regard.

Victor is trying to figure out how Bridget could have known Charlie and discovers it was The Shivster who knew him and was seen with him. Which means Victor will go to Bridget and Bridget will continue to remain clueless that her lowlife twin is still alive.

You know, no offense to fans of this show, but I don't really see it going beyond this season. There's talk about Nikita being cancelled, but I really think this show should be cancelled before Nikita, which is a far better show than this. I think this show had good intentions but it just hasn't lived up to them.


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