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Songs About Rivers

Updated on April 23, 2015

Songs With Specific Rivers in Their Lyrics

Quite a few songs have been written about rivers. This is a list of songs with the name of a specific river in the lyrics. This was a brainstorm and research project that came from a bride wanting to name each table at her wedding after a specific river, then play a song about that river when announcing that that table should go to the buffet. It didn't turn out perfectly. Quite a few songs about rivers are a little too sad for a wedding, but it makes an interesting list.

Songs About Specific Rivers

Nile River

Madness - Night boat to Cairo

Watch on Youtube

Night boat to Cairo

Mississippi River

Sparks - I bought the Mississippi river

Watch on Youtube

I Bought the Mississippi River

Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty - Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man

Watch on Youtube

Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

The Seine

Nina Simone "My Father"

Watch on Youtube

My Father MP3

Marianne Faithfull "Paris Bells"

Watch on Youtube

The Thames

Fairground Attraction "Moon on the Rain"

Watch on Youtube

Red River

Guy Clark - 'Red River"

Watch on Youtube

Arkansas River

Don Williams - Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma

Watch on Youtube

The Danube

Blue Danube Waltz

Watch on Youtube

Rio Grande

Duran Duran - Her name is Rio

Watch on Youtube

Bing Crosby (been covered if you want a newer artist) I'm an old Cowhand(from the Rio Grande)

Watch on Youtube

Babe Ruth - Wells Fargo

Watch on Youtube

Texas Echo

Watch on Youtube

Volga River

Song of the Volga Boatmen

Glen Miller Watch on Youtube

Russian Red Army Chior Watch on Youtube

Yukon River

North To Alaska Johnny Horton 1959 Music Video

Watch on Youtube

Tennessee River

Darryl Worley - Tennessee River Run

Watch on Youtube

ALABAMA - Tennessee River

Watch on Youtube

Jordan River


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