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MTV's "Rob and Big"

Updated on April 8, 2010

MTV's "Rob and Big"

Rob & Big has been one of the top rated tv shows in MTV history. One television review stated that MTV was at its best and that this show was on the top three list of best shows in the television channel. They, also, said that it was as fun as "The Real World: Sydney," giving it 3 out of 5 stars, which is a high score for a reality television.

Season 1:

  1. Moving In: Rob and Big bring home Meaty, and use him to get girls
  2. Go Skate Day: Rob tries to get Big on a skateboard; they go to a skateboarding fair
  3. Travel: Rob and Big go to Vancouver to be motion captured for an EA Sports skating game
  4. Let's Get Physical: Rob sets out to help Big lose weight
  5. Happy Birthday: Rob's Birthday
  6. Making a House a Home: Rob decides to redecorate Big's bedroom
  7. Security: Rob and Big bring in an animal psychic for Meaty; Rob and Big go to a matchmaker
  8. (Finale) Do Work: Rob has a nightmare in which Big Black fails to protect him; Rob goes to a lawyer to write his will

Season 2:

  1. Meaty and Mini: Rob and Big decide that Meaty needs a companion, and bring hom a miniature horse, Mini
  2. Time Travel: Rob takes out a time machine that he had bought before Big had moved in
  3. Mississippi: Big wants to take Rob to his family reunion in Wiggins, Mississippi.
  4. New Assistant: Drama, Rob's cousin and assistant, starts slacking on his job, so Rob threatens to fire him; Rob takes Mini to a miniature horse trainer
  5. Black Lavender: Big Black comes out of retirement after 15 years to perform on the Male Review stage as Black Lavender
  6. Tampe : Rob competes in the Tampa Pro competition for the first time after five years
  7. Bobby Light: Rob decides he wants to make an R&B song called "Dirty Girl" and make a low budget music video using the pseudonym "Bobby Light.
  8. (Finale) New Cars: After Rob gets a new SUV, he tries to figure out what he should do with the old one

Season 3:

  1. Poop in the Pool: Rob finds human poop in the pool and blames Drama, but Drama passes the polygraph.
  2. Racing Turtles: Rob decides to participate in a beach bar turtle race.
  3. Mini Horse Road Trip: Rob and Big decide to compete Mini in the Santa Rosa Mini Horse Competition.
  4. Meaty Goes to Hollywood: Rob gets Meaty an agent for dogs, but he refuses to do anything in the audition, but Meaty still gets a deal to be on the cover of Dick Van Patten dog food.
  5. Guinness World Records: Rob decides to break all the skateboarding records and Big breaks a few eating records.
  6. Big Bob: Rob gets made into a large man to see what life is like as a big man.
  7. Charity: Rob and Big decide to do a little giving of their own after seeing an ice cream tuck give away free icecream.
  8. Harry the Healer: After a bad skate session Rob and Big go to a street shaman named Harry the Healer and have sacred geometry, or Sacred G, introduced to their lives.
  9. Dating Game: Big posts a Bulleton on MySpace to help Rob find a "good girl" to replace the "dirty girl."
  10. Vegas: Rob takes Drama to Vegas for his 21st birthday. Rob and Big have many surprises in store for Drama.
  11. Meaty's Birthday: Rob decides to throw a party for Meaty's second birthday. After consulting with a dog party planner, he decides to go his own route with Meaty's Sweet 16. Big, also, goes green with his Pinto.
  12. Parents: Ro's parents and sister come to town, and Rob must rewrite the poem his mother sent him. Rob hires an actor to pretend to be a cop to arrest him for street advertising, as an April Fool's joke on his mom.
  13. Cancun: Rob and Big ta Drama to Cancun after realizing he's never really been out of the country. Big and Bam Bam wore lucha libre outfits and wrestle. And then they perform "Dirty Girl" with a mariachi band.
  14. Haunted House: Determined to find the cause of the dead rats in his house, Rob hires a spiritual consultant trid the house of evil spirits. Then he takes Big's wooden cat to a demonologist, who suggests to destroy it. An exterminator ends up at the house to rid it of the rats.
  15. Baby: Big inform Rob that he has a baby on the way. The show skips to three months later, when Big's baby girl is born. Big moves out of Rob's house and down the street.

There are only rumors for season 4, but currently no one knows for sure.

Meaty Skateboards

Rob Dyrdek

Rob was born on June 28, 1974, in Kettering, Ohio. He currently lives in Hollywood, California, with his personal bodyguard Chris "Big Black" Boykin and their dog, Meaty, and English Bulldog.

Rob is a professional skateboarder.

He is involved with the following endorsements:

  • Spy Optics
  • Aliean Workshop
  • Red Bull energy drinks
  • Co-owner of Rogue Statue (clothing company, partnered with Travis Barker of Blink 182)
  • Relfes Bearings
  • Silver Trucks

Rob, also, promotes:

  • SafeSpot- urban renewal program that seeks to take unused donated land in order to buil safe skating grounds for street stakeboarders
  • Groundbreaking- serves as a references to young people to lobby for skate plazas in their community.

Rob appears as a character in:

  • "Skate" a revolutionary video game produced by EA Sports
  • "Smackdown vs. Raw 2007" (create-a-character

Big Black

Christopher "Big Black" Boykin was born on January 26, 1972. He is known for his appearance with Rob Dyrdek on MTV's "Rob and Big."

He gets his nickname, "Big Black" from his above average height and weight.

Once a member of the U.S. Navy and a comedic rap group, "Chunky Boyz," Big Black received his claim to fame from the 2003 skateboarding film, "The DC" video, where Rob hires him to fend off other security guards.

"Big Black" currently has his own clothing company and signature hat collection. He sales his Big Black apparel online, at select stores.

Along with Rob Dyrdek, Big Black appears as a character in the EA Sports game "skate."


In the first episode of season one, Rob and Big decide to get an English bulldog puppy. Rob thought that since he was basically made up of meat, they should call him Meat Bag, AKA Meaty.


Mini, the miniature horse, was brought into the clan to be Meaty's companion. Mini rides in the back of the SUV whenever he goes along for a trip.

Rob and Big- Net Gun

Rob and Big "Dirty Girl"

Fan Messages for Rob and Big

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    • profile image

      katie 6 years ago

      rob and big is my favorite show im watching it rate now im am your bigest fan. i also like to skate board and i like meaty

    • profile image

      net gun 7 years ago

      has anyone tried rob and big's net gun?

    • profile image

      1820INDIAN 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Lmao 7 years ago

      your show is a joke and a waste of time

    • profile image

      rudy 7 years ago

      hey rob and big do you no if you can talk about me on your show like say my name on there oh and im only 10 dude

    • profile image

      rudy 7 years ago

      hey rob and big do you no if you can talk about me on your show like say my name on there oh and im only 10 dude

    • profile image

      rudy 7 years ago

      hello rob and big i think your shows are cool yo

    • profile image

      rudy 7 years ago

      hello rob and big i think your shows are cool yo

    • profile image

      DoWorkSon999 7 years ago

      Dude this show is F***in awsome. Big black is so cool. ure my favorite character in skate 2. Where can i get "the double B" shirts???

    • profile image

      Person_b101 7 years ago

      Well I know I don't like this show heck everytime my nephew comes over I'm like oh f*** Me. Because he seems to watch that show without changing it it's like WTF, 16 and pregnant status change that boring shit already!! Rob and big makes time feel super slow and long and it just gives me the worst type of Sunday feeling. Long boring stupid annoying fustrating show ahh.. I HATE THAT SHOW!! then again it's just me haha :p u people are probaly like well then change it no ones forcing u to watch .. O but it's kinda hard to leave to my room and watch tv there hek I don't let people in and yea I don't snatch the control so I sit and watch that stupid Rob shet. Lol

    • profile image

      David Hill 7 years ago

      Rob&Big I realy loved your show so much that I was woundering, why are you not making anymore shows.

    • profile image

      Reginald 7 years ago

      The best thing about the show is the friendship between rob and big.. i haven't seen one like that in god knows how long, people need to just sit back and kick it. Stop thinking about it and live the dream.

    • profile image

      Chirs 7 years ago

      I just seen the episode where you and Big set 23 Guinness book of world records. You guys are really inspiring to people of all ages. I love your show.

    • profile image

      consuela 7 years ago

      Hi I think that robert should shut up about big. Hi rob first i want to say that you are a great man and your mom and dad did a great job bing you up in the world. My son loves you and watchs your show all the time. He wants to be like you but he has braces on his legs and trys to skat but cant it is so hard to watch him fall i want to help him so much .But he siad he wants to do it like rob. He has all ways wanted to meet you but we are in m.n and you are so far. But if you could send him a pic that would be realy cool of you thank you so much rob.

    • profile image

      Robert 7 years ago

      I think this show is a total joke, MTV has turned into nothing but a black rap music show. Big is nothing but a fat slob and he is a fine example of what overeating and laziness does. I'm tired of wiggers and race.

    • profile image

      stephanie 7 years ago

      i love your show u are awsome i am a big fan my brother is a fan too he looks just like u rob it would be cool if u had a look alike contest because my brother would win i hope u read this coment because i want u to know i am a fan of everything you do i hope you keep making good tv shows you are the coolest

    • Chris Crow profile image

      Chris Crow 7 years ago

      such a great show--I love it

    • profile image

      Bridget 7 years ago

      I am a HUGE fan of your show.....Big Black you have no idea about the things I want to do to you ;)

    • profile image

      Dylanstockell 8 years ago

      yo what's up

    • profile image

      Fat Tim 8 years ago

      Hey why doesn't your clothing line site work anymore????

    • profile image

      Becky 8 years ago

      Love "Rob & Big", guys! I even made my dog friends with Meaty on MySpace (yep, my dog has a profile too!). You guys are constantly doing positive stuff for the community and for each other.. and in doing so, you never fail to put a smile on my face and make me laugh (same with my boyfriend.. we love both your shows!). Keep up the good work and best of luck in your future seasons!

    • profile image

      hunter pioch 8 years ago

      hi I am your greatest fannnnnnnnnnnn & I am 10 years old & I watch your shows a lot or im out skating and i hate my old blind & i was wondering if you can give me an alian workshop & like a sighed dc hat & do you remember on x factor where one of your frinds dressed in a like outfit & scared that one girl & i love your show & if you do send it to me send it to Indiana, in burns harber , @ 1231 stanley st. & if you do i will thank you soooooooo much thanks bye.

    • profile image

      Dave 9 years ago

      Love Your show looking for poster of meaty rob and big black in all black ...tupac snoop,dr dre

    • profile image

      hunter ellis milligan 9 years ago

      my name is hunter i am 12 and i love you but no homo i only sk8 because of rob and big black and i have skate it for the wii and i all ways use you you are soooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alien work shop rocks

    • profile image

      kelly 9 years ago

      You rock big and Rob

    • profile image

      AUSTIN 9 years ago

      dear rob my my name is austin im a huge fan. im 12, i live in texas. i have seen every show of ures. i keep wanting to meet u. i just keep praying i will get to meet u. so please awnser back. I AM URE BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      MeatyFan 9 years ago


      what's the name of the song in the episode wen u find poop in the pool its wen u use teh net gun its like shotgun sumthing??

    • profile image

      Ellen W 9 years ago

      Rob & Big

      Just wanted to let ya guy's know my family is a big fan of the show i also have a english bulldog his name is meatball aka meathead

    • profile image

      fowlerok 9 years ago


      I am a 35 year old mom of a soon to be 8 years old Saturday July 19th boy named Wyatt. He absolutely loves your show which he saw because I liked your show and we are so addicted along with Madison 12 and husband Paul. I've been searching Every corner of the internet for weeks for BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR WYATT who's only want is HIS FIRST SKATEBOARD FROM YOU.... I CANNOT AFORD.. & want to know WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES..(not just dc's) I did find them.. YOUR SHIRTS YOU WHERE (we are avid NRA members)YOUR GUN SHIRTS?DYRDEKSHOES, I found DC & MTV stuff.. but he WANTS YOUR NAME & MEATY & BLACK SHIRTS, SHOW STUFF & DYRDEK SKATE*ROB*DYRDEK* stuff.. pads, helmet. Please, Please If you haven't started your own line of stuff.. besides Alien Workshop & BB. You need to!! DO WORK AND LET ME KNOW!!! P.S could you send him a photo of you and meaty maybe signed... I would definitely pay for it. Kimberly HC 66 BOX 14 HENDRICKS WV 26271.

    • profile image

      tommy g. 9 years ago

      started my own turtle racing at local bar turtle named speedy cla cla cla claxton.

    • profile image

      ryan w  10 years ago

      u need a better assistant and i need a job u 2 are the shi..... keep it up the shows are halariuous

    • profile image

      patrick 10 years ago

      rob I love skateboarding you rock rob and so do you big black boykin

    • profile image

      Deon Lucas 10 years ago

      I liked the episode when you guys were messing around with the planes.

    • profile image

      spencer 10 years ago

      what is the name of the song playing during the scene where rob and big go to the mini ramp?

    • profile image

      Roesler 10 years ago

      This show is the best, its the only thing I watch on TV, damn it makes me laugh..

    • profile image

      kenneth 10 years ago

      im a huge fan of rob&big

      its my favorite show in the whole world

    • raghu9 profile image

      raghu9 10 years ago

      u must be a rockstar in making


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