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Top ten reasons why Robert Pattinson sucks

Updated on December 25, 2009

Reasons why people think Robert Pattinson sucks

Below is a list as to why  Robert Pattinson sucks in many peoples opinions. Jealousy probably plays into it but either way have fun reading this list.

Robert Pattinson is way too overrated and is not the best actor out there.

Robert Pattinson comes off as fake and simply sticks to his image that appeals to teenage girls.

Robert Pattinson is not as hot or gorgeous as people make him out to be. He is an average looking guy.

Robert Pattinson wears way too much make-up.

Robert Pattinson does not play a vampire all that well.

Robert Pattinson has way too much popularity and we are jealous of it.

Robert Pattinson has a girly sounding laugh.

Robert Pattinson comes off as stuck up.

Robert Pattinson doesn't seem too know how lucky he was too land the lead role in twilight.

Robert Pattinson sucks because now he is probably rich beyond anyody's imagination.


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    • profile image

      what?? 5 years ago

      he acts really great as a vampire!!

    • profile image

      Kelly 6 years ago

      He's not even naturally good-looking he's had a nose job and implants in his jaw to make him look 'manly-er' for the twilight movie.

    • profile image

      JBFan 7 years ago

      I heard in MTVs site Pattinson is being considered to play Jeff Buckley in an upcoming film. I know that this may set the girls screaming, but I sincerely hope this doesn't happen. Jeff Buckley is a legend and I seriously doubt Robert would do justice to this role.

      I hope Buckley fans get together & prevent this from happening.......(Just as they boycotted the X Factor version of 'Hallelujah')

    • profile image

      rammo 7 years ago

      no i don t think so that robert pattinson sucks ,the top ten reasons r totally fake , robert pattinson is hot,cool and popular.................

    • profile image

      sucker 7 years ago

      he sucks......he is the most ugly guy in the world.......taylor lautner is far and far better than him

    • profile image

      robertsucks 7 years ago

      robert hot???? please change your glasses; he is not hot or handsome he is just normal like everyone, but hot of course he is not.


    • profile image

      oit! 7 years ago

      he just average man

      *twinkle, twinkle little star*

    • profile image

      teresanc 7 years ago

      I have studied acting and I find him to be a very convincing actor. He is incredably charming. I hope to see him in many different kinds of movie in the coming years. I believe that the histeria that he is forced to deal with will eventually fade. This will not end his career. Those who have been quietly admire this young gentlemen will continue to admire his work. I would not be surprise if the polite fans outnumber the loud ones.

    • profile image

      sara 8 years ago

      I think Robert doesn't suck, he's a little weird like his hating veginas and been beaten up as a kid. he's been through a lot! give him a shitty break and let him enjoy his popularity while he can.

    • profile image

      gsgdhs 8 years ago

      if robert isn't in twilight but still have sparkling vampires you will watch it twilight sucks and bruce lee can kill him

    • profile image

      Sammers 8 years ago

      Sorry, but he's face is literally screwed. He can't act. He's the main reason why i don't watch Twilight as of date.

    • profile image

      teresanc 8 years ago

      I doubt think you tired of him. I think you are tired of people going gonzo over him. I would think that he, more than anyone, would be tired of that.

    • profile image

      weiler 8 years ago

      duh..i don't understand why teenage girls are soooo crazyyyy bout him. He's not really a bad actor though but not the best either. Just an average joe and overrated.

    • profile image

      Gags 8 years ago

      He does suck, and he really is not that attractive at all. Personally I think he has the least attractive jaw line I have ever seen and he constantly looks like he just rolled out of bed. Run a comb through that hair once and a while, it's called hygiene sheesh.

    • profile image

      andrea 8 years ago

      yes he does

    • profile image

      sqamroxiluvrobertpattinson 8 years ago

      he so does not suck he is so hot


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