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Robin Thicke "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" Album Review

Updated on May 19, 2009

'The Evolution of Robin Thicke"

Part One


Presumably he doesn’t dress head to toe in purple, use a symbol for his name or have the persona of an off-kilter, egotistical recluse.

But be that as it may, Robin Thicke still manages to share more than a couple of passing traits with that of the great Purple One – Prince.

First, there’s the upper-register falsetto that dominates much of the material on Thicke’s second album, Evolution of Robin Thicke. At times, Thicke’s vocals are down-right Prince-like on the CD.

Second, there’s Thicke’s propensity to replace the words “to” and “You” with “2” and “U” in the song titles.

Examples – “Got 2 be Down,” “Would That make U Love Me,” “Lost Without U,” “Teach U a Lesson,” “Wanna Love U Girl” and “2 the Sky.”

That’s so much like Prince, it’s scary.

However, that’s about where the comparisons between Robin Thicke and Prince come to a close.

Except for the fact that both artists are capable of selling a whole lot of compact discs.

Evolution of Robin Thicke is the blue-eyed soul singer’s 2006 follow-up to his debut solo outing, A Beautiful World.

It’s an album that found its niche right out of the gate and is broad enough in scope to appeal to everyone from the youthful 20-something crowd, to the more mature 50-something crowd.

While the cover may somewhat symbolic – showing Thicke going from a sit to a crawl to a walk – the material contained within is less dramatic than the scene on the front of the disc.

Inside is Thicke’s customary blend of smooth, silky soul and passionate lyrical content, sung over the top of raw, natural-feeling tunes.

Thicke, the son of TV actors Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring, calls in some of his friends for a little backup on Evolution of Robin Thicke.

Faith Evans kicks things off with Thicke on the disc-opening “Got 2 be Down” and the duo really blends well together over the top of a restrained, James Brown kind of beat.

"Lost Without You"

Part Two


Pharrell guests on “Wanna Love U Girl,” while Lil Wayne pulls double-duty on two cuts, “All Night Long” and “Shooter.”

The pair of tracks with Lil Wayne deviates away from the rest of the material on Evolution of Robin Thicke, but it’s obvious that the man does enjoy his hip-hop.

But the real gem of Thicke’s second disc is “2 the Sky,” a poignant track about looking for truth, for answers to questions we can’t find, from the main man upstairs. This is the kind of song that Thicke really excels at serving up. Tender, emotional and from deep within.

A cut that some might find a tad on the offensive side – “Cocaine,” finds Thicke channeling his inner Curtis Mayfield. It’s upbeat and funky and pushed along with an air of swagger to it.

“Would That Make U Love Me,” up-tempo and poppin’ with acoustic guitar, begs the question of whether or not someone Thicke finds desirable would love him without all the attached fame and fortune.

Another cut that finds similar ground to “Would That Make U Love Me” is “Everything I Can’t Have,” a fast-paced selection with plenty of Latin fire to keep it bustling along. Like a hot night at the Cabana Club.

Thicke closes out Evolution of Robin Thicke with the slow-jam friendly “Angels.”

 With stirring piano in the background, “Angels” is a reflective song of trust and devotion. An interlude from “2 The Sky” follows after “Angels” closing the album on a low-key note.

While Thicke doesn’t really break a whole lot of new ground on Evolution of Robin Thicke, there’s still plenty of his brand of comforting soul to go around, and that should be plenty to keep his fans happy.

Robin Thicke for sale


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    • Red Hot News profile image

      EJ 4 years ago from Western Suburbs of Chicago

      You might like my article, it's about him too

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

      Robin comes from good stock -- Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring. As well, he studied under Brian McKnight. Good job.