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Rogue One : A Star Wars story review:

Updated on January 4, 2017
Best poster they've made.
Best poster they've made. | Source

Rogue one comes in at a time with a thousand superhero films, a Star Wars film every year, and countless boring adaptations of something. Though Rogue one seems to stand out of the crowd because it tries to provide us (the audience) with a story that's never been told before, a refreshing one. This is especially true in the Star Wars cannon.

The buss for the film was mediocre at best with fans screaming that the film didn't feel like Star Wars enough. Though I'm hear to tell that this idea is exactly why the film is so good. Stories like these are always refreshing, when done right. Not many films have been able to accomplish this task very easily. Majority have failed to both pay homage to the original and create a sense of individualism for themselves. Rogue one is successful because of the determination to find something worth telling in this heavy extensive universe. The film plays to the strengths of the it's predecessors, while providing a refreshing take on the Star Wars saga.

Jyn is the daughter of a former imperial who's now trying to live a peaceful life as a farmer. However, the empire Galen Erson, father of Jyn is a very important person and was a key engineer for the Empire. The Empire wants his man back and takes Galen to build a new super weapon that's more devastating than an weapon the Empire has ever created. Flash-forward a couple of years later when the Rebels are in full swing and the Empire has just created the Death Star. Jyn and fellow rebels have to go out and capture the Death Star plans before the Empire is able to us it to rule the Galaxy.

Rogue one is unique to the Star Wars cannon for a couple of ways. The inclusion of the Rebels being on the grey line helped connect the parallel and saying "that the good guys aren't always the good guys". This films shows the true nature of the rebellion and how dirty it had to be to try and stop the Empire from killing everyone. This new element wasn't every explored in any other Star Wars film until Rogue One. The inclusion of Captain Cassin, a rebel since he was six, helped with this transition from the old Star Wars to the new Star Wars. It short of freighting the way they portray each side, a power hungry cause. The create nation of this examination was refreshing to what is already a powerful franchise.

The inclusion of war elements was also very creative. Not once have we had a Star Wars film that felt more like a war movie than a traditional film. Some fans going into this film should note that the more the film moves along, the film becomes more a more like a traditional Star Wars film. However, the last thirty minutes is just nonstop action with a coherent plot woven in. The ending has a more traditional format, which follows the original very well. Though the emotional impact of this very conventional Disney film cares weight bigger than any other Star Wars film. It hits like a ton of rocks without pulling.

This pulls into the negatives of the film. The characters aren't as developed as one might hope. However, the negative isn't that big of a deal. For one film that's hard to do. Because the original trilogy and even the prequels had three films to develop character, Rogue one feels like a film that short of has disposable characters. However, that's not the case in this situation. One the surface it seems like characters are just short of tossed on the side, but they are development more than one would think. *minor spoiler* They're development through interactions and it is devastating when they are taken from us.The film also creates a sense of dread as you wait for the ending to commence.

Overall, Rogue one successfully does something that I hoped it would. Create a war movie within the Star Wars universe. It sets up characters in a different way than most and some might think that the set up isn't well done, but I would disagree. The characters are rounded in there struggles with the Rebels and their relationship with the Empire. It ends with a bang, even if the set up is a little slow.




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