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Stephen King Has Some Explaining To Do

Updated on March 10, 2016

I love the Dark Tower Series and the way a lot of Stephen King's books tie into Roland's world! I love the way Mr. King tells a story of good and evil and sometimes good isn't always as white as it should be when man interferes. The story all around is a great tale to be told and was told perfectly. So why are we messing it up?

Before I get started, this is not a race thing by far! In fact, I think Idris Elba is a great actor. I have seen him in a lot of roles. From The Losers to the cheesy role in Daddy's Little Girls. I love watching him in the BBC series Luther as well! He is going to be Krall in Star Trek Beyond and I believe he will be exceptional. I would love to see him as a James Bond or even, better yet, Dr. Who! So when I start explaining why I don't feel he could be Roland, unless they muck up the whole story, it is indeed not about race. It is about keeping close to the integrity of the book and telling the tale as Mr. King did it in the books.

Roland is white, no matter how you try to spin it is is what it is. It shows true, more than anywhere else when he draws Odetta/Detta Walker from the our world. Odetta/Detta is a black woman in our sixties where she was hurt, twice by “ The Pusher”. Some twisted individual that likes pushing people into things or pushing things on top of things. Because he did this, it created Odetta to have two personalities. The first one, Odetta, a prim and proper lady that has grown up to a lavish lifestyle. The second personality was the hateful, mean Detta. Detta was the side that Odetta oppressed. This side took all the evil, cruel and racist actions that were produced to her because of narrow minded individuals that would act out against her because she was black. When Detta is about, all white men are “honky muffas” that deserve to die! So when Roland pulls her through, Roland and Eddie are called “honky muffas” and other colorful words for white men. With all that in mind, how can Mr. Elba play this role? He is not white!

Why does the writer always have to change things from the great pieces of work that they are? I read the books about three to four times and listened to the audio books twice! They are perfect the way they are! Leave them alone! What is next? Changing the name of the dark tower to the light tower? Does that make sense? Neither does making Idris, the Gunslinger!


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