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Rookie King Channel Bangtan

Updated on October 6, 2013

Rookie King Channel Bangtan

Rookie King Channel Bangtan is the first Bangtan Boys variety show that started airing on September 3, 2013. Like the name suggests, this show is centered around a pretend broadcast station Channel Bangtan. They will engage in parodies of popular reality shows, including Master Chef Korea. Another fun aspect to RKCB is the punishment game toward the end of each episode in which one member is immune to all punishments, whereas the others are at risk each stage to be penalized in some way. Naturally, whoever is deemed King for the day, aka the one immune to punishments, is randomly selected. The unlucky one on the receiving end of punishments is also left up to luck.

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Where Can You Watch Rookie King Channel Bangtan with English Subtitles?

Episode 1 Part 1/2 | Episode 1 Part 2/2

I loved the first episode of Channel Bangtan, although it had a slow start. At first I didn't know if I'd like it despite loving their music and few BTS video clips I have seen. However, it didn't take long at all for me to feel myself falling even more for BTS and becoming completely absorbed in the show. I probably wouldn't have noticed a hurricane - that was how into RKCB I was. Some of my favorite parts were when J-Hope got caught in that awkward position on the floor in the elevator, Rap Monster going into girl mode for their imitation of Girl's Day (I think Jimin was a little too good at the booty shaking haha), V acting out a scene from a historical drama in the elevator, the Satoori Rap performance, and Suga receiving a painful accupressure massage.

Episode 2 Part 1/4 | Episode 2 Part 2/4 | Episode 2 Part 3/4 | Episode 2 Part 4/4

The second episode of RKCB was even funnier than the first one and is making me fall more in love with BTS. At the beginning of the episode, the "commercial" featured J-Hope trying to sell "BTS music insurance," which guarantees they'll protect you and take responsibility. If only there were such a thing! I'd love to have someone take the blame for me.

For the cooking competition, I predicted Jin's team would when because I got the impression that Jin and Jimin would be good cooks. I also thought that V would be good, but he turned out to be the worst cook. The poor boy had no idea what he was doing and even burned himself with chopsticks. The sound he made when he burnt himself made me laugh so hard. They should forbid V from using the stove because I'm worried he might seriously hurt himself one day with trying to cook.

Episode 3 Part 1/4 | Episode 3 Part 2/4 | Episode 3 Part 3/4 | Episode 3 Part 4/4

V must have loved filming for this episode because they took on a historical concept for the competition to declare who Bangtan's scholar was. Half of the tests were on writing, whereas the remaining were physical tests. I predicted that Rap Monster would do the best on the lyric writing examination, but Jungkook wrote the better lyrics this time around. Because of this episode I now want to see Jimin get mad because Rap Monster described how strange it looks. I also want to see Rap Monster mad because according to Jungkook his chin juts out.

If Jimin used his aegyo on you in an attempt to get out of a punishment, would it work?

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Satoori Rap

V Fated for a Historical Drama?

In the first episode of Rookie King Channel Bangtan, V was seen watching a historical drama and he even acted out a scene from a historical drama in the elevator.

Do you want to see V act in a historical drama?

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Who Did You Think Would Be the Best Chef?

Who Did You Think Would Be the Best Cook?

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