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Rosemarie Dewitt: A Beautiful Star on the Rise

Updated on May 1, 2016

Lovely Rosemarie Dewitt, who starred as Charmaine Craine on the critically acclaimed series United States of Tara, is a beautiful star on the rise in the Hollywood movie scene. Though she is currently probably best known for her roles on hit televisions shows like Standoff, Mad Men and the aforementioned United States of Tara, she has also caught the attention of the movie crowds in films like Cinderella Man, Rachel Getting Married (which garnered her numerous awards and nominations) and the 2015 remake of the horror classic Poltergeist. It has also been announced that she has La La Land along with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Rosemarie has an extensive acting background beginning with acting she did in high school and then moving on to theater work. She attended the New College at Hofstra University (the alma mater of Christopher Walken, James Caan and Francis Ford Coppola among others) where she received a degree in Creative Arts and then continued her studies at The Actors Center in New York. She went on to star in numerous off-Broadway theatrical productions before making her way onto television in guest starring roles before moving on to more notable roles on television and eventually film.

I like exploring both the light parts and the dark parts of a single person. And all of those shades tend to come out most acutely in stories about families.

— Rosemarie Dewitt

Most people would probably consider Rosemarie's breakthrough film role to be her portrayal of the title character Rachel Buchman in the movie Rachel Getting Married. In the film, she portrays a young woman who is getting married but finds the focus during her wedding week on her sister who has been given a temporary release from rehab for the wedding. The film showed audiences that Rosemarie was well-suited to the more complex roles offered in film as opposed to the lighter television fare where she was more widely known. Since that time, Rosemarie has had many more successful movie roles including parts in The Odd Life of Timothy Green and the well-received Poltergeist remake.

I feel lucky to be an actor because you always learn something from each part you play.

— Rosemarie Dewitt

With her growing popularity and quality upcoming projects, there should be no doubt that Rosemarie Dewitt is a name that will only become more familiar in the coming years. Her obvious acting talents combine with a sophisticated beauty to make her an ideal pick for many leading lady roles. It can only be a matter of time before Hollywood agrees and gives her a role that truly shows her talent.

Of course, it is also clear that television audiences love this spectacular lady and would be more than happy to claim her as their own with a series where she is the star. Many fans, both Rosemarie's and the show's, felt that United States of Tara ended way too soon. With Mad Men also no longer in production, the time may be right for a series to come along where Rosemarie could tackle a lead role as the centerpiece of the story. With the lady's growing popularity, any such show would certainly be off to a running start and have an excellent chance of being a smashing success.

For now, her fans will seek her out wherever she appears and continue to support this wonderful thespian. So often we see actresses who have limited creative range or only get attention either due to their good looks or wild lifestyle, so it is nice to have such a gorgeous star who truly has such an abundance of talent as well. With her impressive skills and incredible good looks, Rosemarie is a superstar in the making. It is only a matter of time before her star rises even higher.

No matter whether the lovely Ms. Dewitt decides to dedicate her time to television, film, theater, or all three equally, she will definitely continue to do quite well in her career. It will be a great joy to follow her and see where she ends up on the road to stardom or, perhaps, even to super-stardom. With a total package of skills and beauty, certainly the sky is the limit!

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