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Ruby Sparks: Movie Review

Updated on April 2, 2013

Picture your Imaginations

Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the little known and under-appreciated duo have done a fabulous job in making an artsy film into a commercial one. Making a movie about what could possibly be a writer's imagination is a handy job which they have handled craftily and maturely. Oftentimes such movies easily manage to rocket off our grid due to their philosophical nature and the lack of bullets and feathers. Thanks also to the fresh acting of the protagonist and his umm.. imagination, the movie is predictable yet pleasant and enlightening. It can be called a good entertainer as well as a good piece of art. And an effort to prove a point: you cannot understand a woman.

When dreams come true

Calvin(Paul Dano) is a writer shot to fame at a very young age gaining accolades, appreciation and money in no time. However, like any good writer, lacks social appetite and ability to "Fit-in". As life catches up with him, he becomes increasingly distressed with his inability to win women over. He is often guided and pushed to normalcy by his not so odd brother to help him overcome his social anxiety. The thoughts of Calvin eventually overwhelm him until a day comes when he starts dreaming about the perfect girl named "Ruby Sparks" that he desires. The dreams turn bizarrely realistic and innovative helping Calvin find a perfect recluse in his doldrum. Until one day weird things start happening and inexplicable things start materializing in his room. Calvin instead of getting paranoid attributes it to the mischief of his dog until one day the reasons run out of him and his dream girl Ruby(Zoe Kazan) breaks into the veil of reality.

What follows is the state of denial to acceptance to jubilation for Calvin as he realizes that Ruby is literally the personification of every word he has written as part of his new novel. The fairy tale romance eventually runs its course and Calvin no longer wishes for obvious reasons to puppet the love of his life. The story then proceeds in a not so difficult to guess and not so dull way finding its way into peace and happiness.

ruby sparks, zoe kazan
ruby sparks, zoe kazan


The movies is aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing thanks to the fresh lights and the charming protagonist Ruby. It takes on an easy narrative and keeps the simplicity even in its complex and emotional narratives. The music is also soothing and fresh. Without stressing its purpose, the movie is strongly female-centric and focuses primarily in the naivety and complexity of a girl born out of pure imagination. It shows as I have mentioned earlier the dictum that women should never be made an element of understanding as it is pointless. Even an imaginary one for that matter. Even the one you can control at your wish. Their beauty lies in their enigma.


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