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Russian road rage videos

Updated on February 28, 2013

These irate Russian drivers really do see red - delivering their own road rage punishments by chasing down reckless motorists and attacking them. The furious outbursts were captured on camera in different parts of the former Soviet Union where incredibly it is considered acceptable and even 'noble' to get into a fist-fights after scrapes on the road.

In one clip, a furious man embarks on a chase after a beaten-up Lada in Moscow before repeatedly punching and kicking the driver who apparently failed to stop after an accident.
Another video shows two men in central Russia rolling around in a road having a full-blown punch-up after one of the drivers tried to overtake the other. A third clip shows a brave grandfather tackling a burly soldier at least a foot taller than him only to be met with several punches to the face.

The astonishing videos, captured by increasingly popular on-board cameras and mobile phones, have been uploaded onto Youtube where they has have become Internet sensations in the East, with people making jokes and commenting on the videos.

Two men get into a fist fight at a set of traffic lights in Moscow, holding up the other cars on the road
Two men get into a fist fight at a set of traffic lights in Moscow, holding up the other cars on the road

Passers-by who see the road rage fights simply continue with their journeys as such forms of 'instant justice' are considered normal among motorists in the former Soviet Union. Bizarrely, in each of the clips after violent scuffles the drivers appear to simply go on their way, accepting that the disputes have now been settled.

Russian motoring law expert Vladimir Potipov, a former resident of Moscow, said that fighting in the road is considered 'acceptable behaviour' for settling disputes.
According to him, these kind of scenes are played out quite a lot in Russia. Though from a Western point of view it is hard to understand, that it is acceptable and indeed noble in the former Soviet Union.

Apparently people believe that when they have been wronged the quickest and easiest way to mete out punishment is with their own fists. The police are unlikely to do anything. For drivers, this is their own form of instant justice where they are the judge and jury handing out a verdict.

Once they've let off their steam, things are resolved and they can move on. There's no need for insurance companies, police, penalty points or paperwork. This rarely happens in the West because people are polite and apologise for such things. In the East, this is how disputes are settled.

#1 Russian road rage video

Footage of the the Lada begins with the man, wearing jeans and a red and white jumper, trying to stop the vehcile, which swerves out of the way in cloud of smoke. He stands in the road and flags down a car which lets him in and they give chase. The Lada in front eventually stops at traffic lights while waiting to turn. The attacker reaches through the Lada's window and grabs the driver by the throat. He pulls open the door and stamps on the driver before throwing a string of powerful punches at his head. The driver refuses to leave the vehicle and the attacker kicks him again before remonstrating about the previous incident. He then makes a phone call while waiting by the car.

#2 Russian road rage video

The men having a full-blown fist fight in a clip called 'Demolition on he road' were recorded on a motorway in a suburb of western Moscow. The scrap is believed to have broken out after one car scraped the other. One of the drivers in a white sweater reaches into the car and pulls out the other driver. After throwing a few punches he pins him against his car then wrestled him to the grounds. As the men trade blows the drivers who are held up by the brawl simply beep their horns or manoeuvre round the men.

#3 Russian road rage video

In the third clip, the grandfather who leaves his car to take on the younger driver was recorded in Moscow. Despite being much shorter and more frail, he tries to kick the younger man who knocks him to the ground with one blow. The pensioner then gets up for a second attempt at kicking the squaddie but he is easily overpowered.


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