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"Secret Love" a Korean Drama of Hate and Love

Updated on February 5, 2016


Credit to the owner of photo
Credit to the owner of photo | Source

Love can make you do something an imaginable.

I’m wondering around the Web and stumbled upon on this Korean Drama that was aired September 2013, ended November 2013. Once I’ve read the synopsis I opt to check the 1st episode, and to my surprise it was really an interesting drama. So I decided to watch it up until 3am, the plot of this drama was focusing to a hit and run incident that was happened in a rainy evening. Kang Yoo-jung (Actress Hwang Jung-eum ) and Ahn Do-hoon (Actor Bae Soo-bin ) was in a relationship that planned to marry, but a sudden event transformed their lives to a more complicated events. Kang Yoo-jung sacrifices herself to go to prison for protecting Ahn Do-hoon career, He was the one who accidentally hit a girl and terrified to admit it and run. So Kang Yoo-jung decided to protect him and relinquish herself to go prison for the love of her life. But things became more complicated when Ahn Do-hoon become more ambitious and transformed to a hungry for power man. Beside on this, a man named Jo Min-hyuk (Actor Ji Sung ) was also in the story that wants revenge for the death of his girlfriend but later falls in love to So Kang Yoo-jung. Is it interesting? That Jo Min-hyuk falls to the girl who he thought that was the killer of his deceased girl… Well that’s what this story makes interesting actually, a Man that falls to a Girl who at first decided to take revenge but in latter part he falls out of love.

My Thoughts:

After watching it up until to the end, I find this drama a very well delivered and depict a lot of lessons in life, the actors have given their best to portray their characters, and they did very well in all aspect. The soundtrack that was used was also brilliant, I even admired the Lead Actor Ji Sung for being fine-looking and stunning in representing a character that was not so obvious but head over heels fall out of love to the Leading Lady Character. I must say this is one of the most praised Dramas that were aired on the last quarter of 2013 and I’m very glad I found it and shared to my possible readers now.

And what I recommend now was, obviously, watch it!… I guarantee that you will surely enjoy the story and its characters.

Teaser Trailer:


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