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Save a Bit of Money in the Entertainment Industry

Updated on March 15, 2012

Hey Guys this is my second hub and I'm going to teach you how to save some of this

and still get maximum entertainment value in movies, TV shows, and even Video Games and the accessories required for anything needed.

TV Shows and Movies

Honestly Everyone is about the latest shows and all but wait good cable packages run pretty expensive (Time Warner Cable has a Minimum of $49 a month and that is without Internet or HD, Internet by itself costs 29.99!)

Instead of Spending 49 or even 89 IF you want Internet With HD channels and all why not spend 50 at MOST 65 and get TV shows, Movies and Internet. If you also have a bit of extra spending Cash throw down a couple for latest movie rentals here and there also to keep up.

All you need to rely on is Internet and the following services

And for the Newer Movie Rentals

Now your thinking whoa whoa whoa hold up... This does not guarantee I get my fights and my super sexy HD premium cable channels...Well Mr Fancy go burn cash while i show those who don't mind sacrificing those to save a bit of money.

Quick Note- Redbox is for those who wanna throw a small chunk of cash to renting the latest movies and whatnot. Not a part of the money saving I felt it was worth listing for all the Naysayers who are like but I can't watch the latest movies >.<

Here is how it all works out mathematically. Say you got Time Warner Cable Internet only...That is 29.99 and tax so say 32 dollars and some change..Now throw in Hulu Plus which is Exactly 7.99 a now your at 39-40 dollars and Hulu Plus usually runs in HD with LIMITED commercials so score. Throw in basic streaming Netflix for about 50 note movies and TV all in Great quality with few to no commercials and all...Time Warner for the HD and Internet Costs 89.99. WIN!!!.

Now let's scan up dish network before going to Video Games.

Dish is claiming Internet at 15 dollars a month. Add Hulu Plus and Netflix and that chalks up to about 30 for the basic stuff and all a month!!! Sure beats out the prices Dish offers.

To Video Games

Video Games

Video Games are a picky subject. But I will list good viable options and how they work...And why that local Gamestop might not be the best place to purchase your games.

Video Gaming has become one of the biggest hobbies and trust me it can be EXTREMELY expensive at times...(60 bucks for a game what?) but before you choke yourself with your wallet or that giant bill gamestop just gave you lemme show you a few things to help

First off is

The one way this could save you money is if the gamers in your house play enough games to make use of it but also don't mind not buying a ton of games. For PC Gamers you get free PC Play and consoles get rental for as long as you want on a game. This service would save money if the gamer was the type who beats a game once never plays it again or if you don't mind waiting on the latest games to rent and play. If you don't mind or if the gamer is like what I mentioned above the 7-15 a month is change compared to the 60 a game and gamestops trade in credit system is less than reasonable

For preorders and accessories and the like up next is

Amazon the big Internet shopping mall (besides Ebay) offers a ton on gaming and the accessories.

Sometimes you can save cash on the main games but pre-orders is where Amazon shines. For pre-ordering things like Silent Hill Downpour you can get 10 bucks in store credit. That 10 bucks can be used towards other games accessories and even other unrelated items. To top it off Amazon even has Day of Release Shipping making sure you get your game on time(Plus it generally does not run at 60 bucks to pre-order exactly >.>)

Accessories come cheap also in online shops compared to retail...My DS Lite charger was 2 bucks on Amazon and Gamestop was gonna charge me 11 after tax >.>.

Why Gamestop might not be so good for gaming

Gamers who want to save money usually assume Gamestop can save them tons. Generally this is false. But jon gamestop has a great trade in policy... Yes i love trading the game I got a week ago for less than half its price >.>...Ok so I rant sorry hubbers and readers. But still gamestop usually has a used policy and most popular games don't go 20 bucks under the new price. Also trade ins go for less than half of games worth or what you paid for it most of time meaning trading in tons more games to buy one or 2. Accessories usually change price very little as a DS Lite charger is still 10 bucks there while amazon carries the same thing for less than 3. Honestly Gamestop is good if you don't have a credit card or online access or anything but if you can find better deals online by searching Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and others.

Thanks for this hopefully useful (possibly Biased) hub and hopefully it doesn't start a retail war or causes any major problems. Sorry if this was not up to standard either of what you think is helpful

If you wanna fact check or do math yourself you can find time warner at

And dish at

Thats just in case you want to decide or what. This was not meant to be biased it was just to show you a bit of what you could possibly save. Leave a comment and because i feel extra bad about this one ima just say sorry. Thanks for reading

What's Your Favorite TV/Movie Service

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