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SONY and Samsung High Definition World

Updated on March 8, 2011

Watching in High Definition

I love watching flicks so much. I prefer watching at home that in the movie house. Especially now, that HD world is introduced.

HD (High Definition) really is addicting. It’s like watching feeling you’re in the scene. With the superb quality and high screen resolution, the view and the scenes almost comes to reality. It’s near to say having brand new eyes. Lol

It’s so cool to have our own home theater. With the widescreen High Definition LCD plus the unparalleled sound from complimentary speakers and the high quality of Blu ray, one can’t go out of the house anymore.

The popular Full HD LCD TVs today are from Samsung and Sony. With their cutting edge design and technology, you can’t choose other brands.

With the slim designs and light weight of less than 50 pounds, we can put them everywhere. They can be wall-mounted.

Compare the prices below between Samsung and SONY.


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