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SYTYCD 9 -- The Finale

Updated on September 12, 2012

It was time for the top four to dance their final dances in their bid for the top prize. Unfortunately, the night ended on a bad note when Nigel told Cyrus after his last dance he wouldn't be voting for him. What I got from what Nigel said was he supported Chehon because he thought what he did was more dancing and worthy than what Cyrus did. Dude, there was no reason to say what you did. Who you vote for is your personal choice and none of us, including Cyrus, needed to hear that.

There was some really great dancing, tonight. My prediction is it's Cyrus and Eliana's to lose. Rob Marshall is the guest judge for the evening.

Cyrus and Eliana start the night off with a great Pasa Doble by Jason Gilkson to the tune The Game Has Changed.

Nigel says Eliana has a magical combination of performance and technique, and the Cyrus also deserves to be there. However, Cyrus needs to lower his shoulders and straighten his arms. Mary said Cyrus delivered passion and drama in the dance and Eliana was on fire. Rob said both Eliana and Cyrus threw away technique and embraced the emotion of the dance.

Next up, Sonya crafts a dance for Tiffany to show how far she's come. Her dance partner is season 4's Will and they dance to The Time Is Now.

Mary says Tiffany is the epitome of a fabulous dancer. Rob says she's fearlessness and beauty. And Nigel says her lines are strong.

Eliana and Chehon dance is their own field of dance: ballet. They dance to the Nutcracker Suite. It was a beautiful dance to watch, but it was all Eliana. Chehon just seemed to fade into the background.

Rob says Eliana is versatile and her extension is breath taking. Chehon has great balance. Nigel feels Chehon was wonderful support. And Mary said it was spectacular. Nigel was also amazed that the show was featuring a classical ballet number. Never thought he'd see the day.

Tiffany and Cyrus are doing a Lyrical Hip Hop number about young love to The Best Thing I Ever Had.

Nigel notes Tiffany and Cyrus have never been in the bottom two or three. He thinks they're both incredible and good at emotional routines. Mary says they killed it. Cyrus hitting it so strong, while Tiffany was a little beast. Rob says they both abandoned themselves to the dance.

Eliana, Cyrus, Chehon and Tiffany do a Tyce number that seems to mix all their various dance types together in a quirky number.

Eliana does her solo.

Chehon and Season 2's Allison dance to Leave. They get a standing ovation. Chehon gets kudos from everyone for doing a one-handed lift. Mary thinks this dance will be nominated for an Emmy. Said Chehon was free. He keeps growing and growing. And Rob says his height is unbelievable.

Eliana and Tiffany dance together in a Burlesque number. The girls have to pole dance to When You're Good to Mama. They get a standing ovation. Eliana does a move on the pole that no ballet dancer should be able to do and that should have broken her leg doing it. Nigel says it was fabulous. Rob says unbelievable. And Mary says both are extraordinary.

Cyrus dances his solo to Holy Ghost.

Tiffany does her solo.

Cyrus and Chehon do a number together to Fangs.

Nigel says Cyrus has improved so much as a dancer. Proud to know Cyrus. Cyrus is his favorite person. Chehon has grown as a person and he's his favorite dancer. Mary says both have had a tremendous journey. Rob says they lifted each other up.

The show has another display of dance proving even if you're handicapped you can still find a way to dance. This time, Jean Sook [hope I spelled that correctly] who is an amputee dance with one leg and his cane.

Chehon did his solo to How It Ends.

Eliana and Alex do a Travis Wall dance to Without You. They get a standing ovation. Rob describes the dance as poetry and declares there's nothing Eliana can't do. Nigel dubs it his favorite routine of the night and Eliana as his favorite dancer of the entire series. Mary says extraordinary passion oozes from her body.

Tiffany and Chehon do a Rhumba that Dmitry choreographed to Love Me Tender.

Mary says it was beautiful. Chehon has had trouble with latin dances, but this one suited him beautifully. Not sure she bought the chemistry between them. Tiffany is a great latin dancer. Rob dubbed it sexy and loved watching their abandon. Chehon was smooth and elegant. And Nigel says it was sexier than the pole dance.

Finally, Cyrus and Twitch do an animation routine to Like A Criminal. They get a standing ovation.

Rob says it was crazy and the two are superstars. Mary says she loved it and they nailed it. And Nigel opened his mouth and inserted his foot by telling Cyrus he wouldn't be voting for him, but could understand why some people might.

If you go by whose grown most as dancers, I think Eliana and Cyrus should win it. Cyrus never had a professional dance lesson and is self-taught and had to quickly pick up all these dance routines. He was rough in the beginning, but he's improved so very much as a dancer. And for a classically trained ballet dancer to do all the dances Eliana had to do is amazing. If they both don't win I'll be very surprised. Chehon really hasn't been able to pull that off. HIs latin dances haven't been done well. So in the contest of dancers who have come the farthest, Cyrus beats him in that score. And Eliana just seems to have this IT factor that I think Tiffany lacks.

Anyway, next week we find out who wins. America it's all in your hands now.


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    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 5 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Cyrus is unique and contemporary; and, he and Twitch could go to Broadway with an entire production surrounding the dance that they performed.

      Nigel may be concerned with potential faddishness of dance style, but unneccesarily so in the case of Cyrus and his style. I think Cyrus will become a classic. Eliana is versatile in the application of her ballet skills and this is also awesome. I agree on both of these dancers as winners.

      In fact, I hope someone hires each of them right off the show, but my personal choice is Cyrus.

      Thanks for your Hub analysis! Up and Awesome.