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Sam Harrison: Pictures & Puzzled

Updated on October 2, 2012
Sam Harrison
Sam Harrison

Sam Harrison is a singer, songwriter, and musician living in Rotherham, South Yorkshire (UK). He became interested in music from an early age. His uncle gave him drum lessons when he was only 9 years old. Later, he learned how to play the bass guitar and then guitar:

I can remember writing song lyrics from an early age, probably when I started knocking the drums about. Then after the drums, I learned the bass. Then I heard my friend was learning the guitar; I thought, 'What's this thing with four strings all about? I need all six.' Once I'd got all six strings, my friend had started a band. There was no vacancy for me, unfortunately, so i think my first 'composed' song was wrote when I was 13, titled, if I remember correctly, 'Its Over'.

For the next few years, Sam formed and worked with a band. This gave him the opportunity to develop his songwriting skills and play his first gigs. His music career really took off when he started his solo career. After studying music at college, he began to acquire more gigs, gain a following online, and get some radio airplay. Everything he has worked for in his life has led him to where he is today.


Sam's musical influences are varied. His all-time favorite band is The Beatles. He was also greatly influenced by Oasis and particularly by its chief member, Noel Gallagher. Chris Martin of Coldplay inspired some of the ballads on his record. He also enjoys the music of The Kinks, David Bowie, The Stone Roses, and Paul Weller.

Pictures & Puzzled

Pictures & Puzzled is Sam Harrison's debut album. It's a ten track collection of what he considers to be the best songs he's written from 2010-2012.

The album starts out with a bang with A Thief Called Kat. The guitar starts and then the beat of the drum bangs to set the rhythm and help get your heart pumping. Sam belts out the first line of the song with a harmonious voice and a slight twinge of aggression. The unexpected violin sounds add something special to this melodic rock song.

Give Her One From Me puts his gritty voice on display as it switches from acoustic to harder guitar sounds throughout the song. The Only Road is a rhythmic acoustic track that mixes rock with a hint of blues. Good Morning (Its Alright) is a straight-forward, uplifting song that sounds like a classic rock hit with a modern twist. Walking On a River is somewhat jazzy; the rasp in his voice keeps this fun song grounded. The next track, You Are So Pretty, is a simple soft rock song driven by the piano. In Fireworks, he conveys heart-wrenching emotion effectively through his voice and guitar playing abilities.

She Laughs Along the Way tells a story with rambling piano chords and a myriad of other instruments. Sam shows his vocal abilities as he tackles notes within his normal range and also creates a nice moment with his falsetto one. Happy New Year is a gentle song filled with celebration and a catchy melody. The final song is Great Escape, a track with pounding piano chords. In this, he closes out his album with his signature, passion-filled voice as the instruments mingle to convey feelings of both happiness and nostalgia.

Sam Harrison's debut album
Sam Harrison's debut album


1. A Thief Called Kat
2. Give Her One From Me
3. The Only Road
4. Good Morning (It’s Alright)
5. Walking On A River
6. You Are So Pretty
7. Fireworks
8. She Laughs Along The Way
9. Happy New Year
10. Great Escape


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    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 5 years ago from Georgia

      carter06: You're welcome. I really like his music, too. Thanks for commenting!

    • carter06 profile image

      Mary 5 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Thanks for introducing me to this fine young musician ebower...Sam has a great voice and really liked his rendition of 'Just the way you are' by BM

      will look out for him for sure...U & A...cheers