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Samantha Brick virals

Updated on April 5, 2012

Samantha Brick virals have been circulating on the Internet net ever since the writer claimed that women hate her for being beautiful.

Internet users have been quick to tell the freelance journalist that she's not as beautiful as she thinks. Many others - particularly women - have been quick to react angrily to the writers claim that her fellow females are cruel to her because of her good looks.

Now, before we go on, if you're not already familiar with the Samantha Brick 'women hat me because I'm beautiful' story then please Google her name or check out some of my other hubs on it. Click here for pictures of Samantha Brick or here for a piece outlining the whole crazy episode.

Ok, phew, now we're up to speed. Some of the funniest things to come out of the Internet furore surrounding the attractive blonde (and yes I did just call her attractive!) have been the hilarious viral pictures that have been doing the rounds.

Some of them show her in different poses. Others poke fun at her French husband and how he posed for a picture with her in his hunting gear and holding his rifle!

Another joker has dressed up a brick in a blonde wig, stuck on blue eyes and red lips. While one particularly viscous viral plays on the Pink Floyd song 'Another brick in the wall' and shows Samantha's head replaced with a brick.

Whether you agree with Samantha's view, you dislike her intensely or you simply cannot understand why people are getting so worked up about it, then the virals are guaranteed to make you laugh. Here they are.

Scroll down to see Samantha talking in an interview


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