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Samantha Mumba Pictures

Updated on January 5, 2011

Samantha Mumba, young singer and actress, had a phenomenal growth during 2006 - 2007 when "The Collection" album released with songs from her debut album "Gotta tell you".

Some called her the Britney Spears of UK as she was more popular in the UK. More than her talented voice, it was her attitude - aggressiveness and persuasive attitude - that made her professional career take off. She is quoted saying "I want to show a bit more attitude and I have an opinion". "Gotta Tell you" and "Lately" lyrics are much sought after by teenage pop genre enthusiasists.

Samantha Mumba

Sexy samantha picture
Sexy samantha picture

Samantha's Gotta Tell you

Sexy young Samantha Mumba Pictures

young and sexy samantha mumba
young and sexy samantha mumba

Albums by Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba quit studies at age 17 to concentrate on music and performance. She hopes to return back to studies someday if her career cools down.

Her debut single, "Gotta Tell You" was a major hit and was in the top of the charts. "Gotta Tell You" was released in year 2000, the first track off her debut album of the same name rose to number one in Ireland in a record breaking 4 days and has been a number one hit in the US.

Gotta Tell you album, has 12 tracks. The first song is "Gotta Tell you" and the "Lately" tracks are so popular. Some people think she may just be a one hit wonder and disappear soon. But listening to the other tracks, you will see they are all great. "Lately" is the cover song from Divine and the lyrics are not written by Samantha Mumba.

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