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Sara Barelilles - King Of Anything

Updated on August 21, 2010

King Of Anything

 Well, this is my first real music review outside of numerous english projects, so if you will, humor me :}.

Sara Bareilles newest song, King Of Anything caught my ear rather abruptly one morning when I was cleaning. I was plesently suprised by the energy of this lighthearted piece, it had me popping my feet along with my vacume strokes.

I've heard several of her past songs and personally haven't been really captured by any of them. So this little one placed her a bit higher on my mental totem poll.

But, now on to the actual review, forgive me I have a slight tendancy to go off on delightfull little tangents.

Unlike her more contemplative, emotional urgeing song Gravity, this new piece is much more full of wreckless abandon slightly reflective of thoes summer days when the grass between one's toes was "Oh, so cool!"

Also, I feel that with the addition of this newbie will help her continue widening her spectrum as an artist. When I first heard her I was rather hastey and brushed her off as rather dismissable. In other words her presence hadn't stuck in my brain, as something I'd make a point to come back to.

In King Of Anything, she put that slightly smokey, shadow of a poetry bar voice in a very different setting, in which it took on another tone compleately. For in reflect thoes who are blessed with that "Smokey" voice seemingly stick with songs that draw attention to that vocal quality and stay some what stationary in genre. I was please to see that she stepped out of that with this new piece.

It is a plesent listen, and a lovely song for a rainy day, I encourage you to give it a listen if you haven't already.

-Caio for now, I believe I'm going to go out on the dock and watch the rain :}


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    • IdeaMorphist profile image

      IdeaMorphist 7 years ago from Chicagoland

      Never heard the artist or song, but your enjoyment has peaked my curiosity :) So well described!