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Sarah Brightman - Diva: The Video Collection (DVD)

Updated on February 28, 2012

The Non-Diva Diva

Sarah Brightman
Sarah Brightman

I guess the marketers didn't know how to label this DVD, so they came up with the "Diva" catchphrase, which is very inaccurate.

I associate a diva as someone who is haughty, arrogant, short-tempered, intolerant. This doesn't describe Sarah Brightman at all. The various videos captured of her throughout her career are all interesting -- some more inspiring than others.

For me, the best part of it all are Sarah's remarks and spontaneous reminiscences of the people and events connected with each piece.

I already know that Sarah is a consummate performer. As a historical reminder, the videos are priceless.

But, what pleased me the most were her recollections and the considered, tempered and refined manner in which she sketched out details surrounding the videos. My interests lean toward learning more about Sarah's personality, and the DVD helped in this respect.

The DVD displays an artist who is self-confident but possessing a genuine sense of humility. Most importantly she exudes an uplifting sense of joy about her craft, the people she's worked with, and an optimism about where her experimentation with music will take her in the future.


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