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Sarah Brightman - One Night in Eden (DVD)

Updated on May 30, 2012

Sarah Brightman - One Night in Eden (DVD)

This DVD is weird and off-base. Sarah fans should be very happy to own One Night in Eden. The concert is very well done, as is the camera work. There are plenty of close-ups, so her male devotees can bask in her radiant beauty.

Sarah may have performed some of the songs a hundred or more times, but you almost tangibly sense the extent to which she puts her heart into each number. When singing, Sarah goes into some other-worldly state, clearly focused on the deepest essence of every song.

With her British-perfect, pale complexion, long, dark, curly hair, and the eyes the size of a doll's, she's a physical work of art -- even if one were to subtract her voice completely.

What I found most interesting were Sarah's comments about her work, her creative and artistic mind that remains open to seemingly almost any new idea. In her remarks, she confesses to being a life-long and unflappable optimist, and I think this inner, positive energy is what we partially view (and are enthralled by) as an audience. She genuinely loves the exploration of new avenues of expression. And, best of all, I found her personality to be 100% genuine -- no false airs, no pretensions, no vanity -- just a natural, charming, intelligent spirit.

This inner nucleus, spinning around a wonder-lust of possibilities, a girlish naivete interwoven with all things being possible, must (to some extent) account for the woman appearing half her age. Buy the DVD and see if you pick up on this miraculous and precious vibrancy. She's a gift.

Sarah Brightman Sings Eden


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