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Sarah Brightman - The Harem World Tour - Live From Las Vegas (DVD)

Updated on February 28, 2012
Harem World Tour Cover
Harem World Tour Cover

A Slice of Artistic History

This DVD is not a straight transfer of Sarah's "Harem" CD. The DVD depicts a live performance in Las Vegas, and Sarah purposely mixes songs from "Harem" with known crowd-pleasers.

I thought the DVD was outstanding and sent two extra copies to people who knew nothing about Sarah Brightman. The most telling point in whether the DVD is worth purchasing or not is validated by the crowd reaction. I can only describe it as unbridled joy. Sarah performs before a huge crowd that is engulfed and aroused by her performance, and, I would say, deservedly so.

Watching Sarah Brightman perform live is a unique experience. I was impressed by just how much effort/energy she puts into each song. Knowing that the Vegas stop was just part of her tour, I was awestruck by the degree to which Sarah immersed herself into the total performance.

Seemingly, she appears to go into an alternate state of consciousness. The viewer is also presented with a terrifically produced, painstakingly conceived stage performance, with all the extras. Some of the songs (especially the intro) sound more soul-shaking and electric than presented on "Harem."

The price of admission is worth it just to watch Sarah walking up and down the stage in amazingly high platform heels. For the sake of balance, she undulates foreward by swiveling her hips in an exaggerated fashion, thereby giving everyone a glimpse of her gams and ability to defy gravity. There is nothing slutty here. Sarah always maintains her charm, poise, confidence and professionalism (with a calculated level of allure).

Above all, though, it's the energy and appreciation of the crowd that makes this worth the purchase. Unlike the sedate response given by Sarah's live "Symphony" performance in Europe, the Vegas crowd creates a singular, spontaneous outpouring of adulation -- which really makes the viewer feel as if he/she is part of this lucky crowd. Every die-hard Sarah Brightman fan will want to own this DVD.

Sarah Brightman in Concert
Sarah Brightman in Concert


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