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Sarah Palin $150000 makeover pictures

Updated on October 27, 2008

Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin got a pricey political makeover. It's a $150,000 makeover and is well worth it. Look at the Sarah Palin makeover pictures below and decide for yourself. What a difference before and after the costly makeover.

Campaign reports show that Republican National Committee (RNC) spent $75,062 at Neiman Marcus and $49,425 at Saks Fifth Avenue in September 2008 for outfitting Palin and her family. They were made on the fly after Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, was chosen as the Republican vice-presidential candidate on August 29 and needed new clothes to match climates across the 50 states.

The Republican National Committee spent about $150,000 on clothing, hair styling, makeup and other "campaign accessories" in September for the McCain campaign.

The Republican Party is worried over the disclosure that their campaign managers spent $150,000 (Rs 75 lakh) on the wardrobe of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.Party strategists fear that the disclosure and publicity might fray the image of 'hockey mom' or an ordinary American they are trying to build for her.

The Republicans have publicly and privately accepted that the shopping sprees on her behalf would compromise Palin's standing as Senator McCain's chief emissary to working-class voters whose salvos at the so-called cultural elite often delight audiences at Republican rallies.

Sarah Palin Makeover pictures

Sarah Palin makeover picture
Sarah Palin makeover picture

VP candidate Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman with nice skin and nice hair and she clearly thinks about her style and appearance. with the makeover, she looks stunning and the makeup is more natural and fitting for her complexion and her hair has a neater, more polished appearance.

The costume accessories are great. Earrings and boots, which are the shoe of the season and very fashion-forward.

Campaign Accessories


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